Weekly Public Coffee Cuppings

Weekly Public Coffee Cuppings


You are invited to Frothy Monkey Roasting Co.
every Friday at 2:00 for a free public coffee cupping

**NOTE: The public cupping on Friday, November 1 is cancelled**

Please RSVP here to guarantee your spot.

What is Cupping? It is the industry term used to describe a professional coffee-tasting. Using this bare-bones method, coffee is evaluated all around the world. We use this tool to select our coffees and train the palates of our staff. Led by our roasters, you will be tasting and experiencing coffees that were roasted on site.

These are FREE and open to the public.
Please RSVP here to guarantee your spot.
Our Roasting facility is at 613 Ewing Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

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