El Salvador La Cumbre Red Bourbon Coffee

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El Salvador La Cumbre Red Bourbon Coffee

Posted by on December 17, 2021

Chocolatey and buttery, yet citrusy and vibrant, this fully washed El Salvador Red Bourbon is deeply complex while still being approachable to novice coffee tasters. We love it for its incredible balancing act, keeping its richly layered notes of orange and red fruit in harmony with the classic nutty toffee and milk chocolate attributes that make El Salvadorian coffees so satisfying.

Finca La Cumbre comes from the highest portion of Emilio López Díaz’s family farm, El Manzano. They’re at the forefront of experimenting with new processes and cultivars in El Salvador, and we’re so honored to be able to roast this extraordinarily clean red bourbon for you!

Ethiopia Wush Wush: Roaster Series Coffee

Posted by on December 8, 2021

For the coffee connoisseur who appreciates an adventurous and staggering taste profile, Wush Wush is an absolute banger. The catchy name is an homage to the Wushwush area in Southwestern Ethiopia where this heirloom variety was first discovered. This coffee is richly fruity, tremendously sweet, and deeply layered, all thanks to its unique and meticulous limited-oxygen processing method. We love its medley of sweet and tart fruits, and its silky mouthfeel and warming booziness make it a soothing treat for colder months. It’s got a lot of watermelon candy attributes, and a cup of Wush Wush will leave you satisfied with nuanced chocolate and malt undertones.

This rendition of Wush Wush was grown by 450 farmers in the subtropical microclimate of the western Ethiopian highlands. Once harvested, the coffee is arranged onto sun soaked raised beds to be sorted by hand, but the next step is when things get interesting for Wush Wush.

Rather than proceeding directly to a traditional drying process, the coffee cherries are loaded into clean, sturdy bags that will be sealed off to minimize the flow of oxygen, placed in a cool, shady area, and left to ferment in this limited oxygen environment for four to six days before returning to raised beds outside to finish their drying process. The effect of this limited oxygen, semi-anaerobic fermentation is an intense amplification of the coffee’s ripe fruitiness and sticky sweet mouthfeel. 

While traditional dry processing cultivates these characteristics in parallel with the risk of over-fermentation, a limited oxygen fermentation process mitigates this vulnerability without compromising the fructose-forward juiciness we know, love, and, frankly, sometimes just can’t live without.

This extraordinary coffee is the fourth release in our Roaster Series, sourced and roasted by our head roaster Daniel Lopez in conjunction with Keffa Coffee Importers. Check out our Roaster Series page to learn more about this project!

Gratitude Blend Coffee

Posted by on November 10, 2021

We love this time of year: getting to say “thanks” and showing appreciation is always rewarding, and we couldn’t be more excited to let everyone know just how much we value our staff, our Nashville customers, and coffee drinkers everywhere. In this season of humble reflection and indulgent delectables, we’ve developed a limited edition coffee blend to help celebrate those people we’re thankful for, and to share with them a delicious holiday treat. 

“Gratitude” was blended using two very different (but exceedingly complementary) coffees: a smooth, nutty Mexico and a bold, fruity Natural Ethiopia. The result is a sweet, confectionary-like cup, with deep notes of cherry glaze and spiced chocolate. It conjures memories of Werther’s Original candies and finishes with the creamy body of almond butter. This Thanksgiving blend is a wonderfully cozy experience you’ll want to share with the coffee lovers who matter most in your world.

The bags themselves are designed with giving in mind: we’ll happily hand-write your recipient’s name on their bag of coffee before we ship it out, just to let them know how much they mean to you. We really just want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all of you, and we want to help you to pass that same sentiment along to your nearest & dearest. 

Purchase a bag for your own holiday celebration or as a gift for someone you cherish. Bags of whole bean coffee are available in-store and online for $16. If you purchase online, drop us a note and we’ll handwrite who you are grateful for on the package before shipping (but please, keep it short, because space on the bag is limited)! Thanks, everyone; we truly appreciate you! Cheers!

El Salvador Bernardina: Roaster Series Coffee

Posted by on November 1, 2021

Coffee is a drink of discovery, and any specialty coffee lover can likely recall more than one moment of revelation in their coffee-drinking journeys, something that sparked a desire to discover more. With Frothy Monkey’s newest Roaster Series release, we’re extending you a special invitation to join in the continuing discovery with us!

Bernardina, this newly discovered coffee species, was first identified in 2008, when Los Bellotos farm manager Ruperto Bernardino Merche noticed some curious coffee cherries on their farm. Somehow, five unidentified coffee trees made it from Agaro, Ethiopia to El Salvador in the 1930’s, and they survived undiscovered until Ruperto realized that these fruits were exquisitely fragrant and sweet. Maria Pacas and the crew at Café Pacas named this new varietal “Bernardina”, after the man who had been saying for so long that these five trees were special. In the years since, they’ve propagated more of these truly unique plants so that we can provide the Nashville coffee community and the rest of the world with this exceptional coffee experience.

After genetic analysis, it was discovered that Bernardina is related to both Geisha and Ethiopian Agaro, and has proven itself a hardy variety with some promising resistance to coffee leaf rust, which devastated El Salvador’s crops in 2013. This new variety is still being explored more fully, with trees being planted in a variety of microclimates and varying elevation bands, to better understand its potential. That same potential is already being realized, however, as this coffee placed third in the 2019 El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition.

We were lucky enough to first taste the Bernardina variety in early 2020, and we knew immediately that we had to have it, and committed to taking 1 bag from Café Pacas. We made the same deal for this year’s stunning crop of Bernardina. You’ll notice intense florals and sweet confections in the cup, and you’ll probably find this is one of the most delicate, soothing coffee experiences you’ve ever had. We are absolutely thrilled to once again share this uniquely delicious coffee with you; this is the culmination of our years of coffee roasting expertise, our honored partnerships abroad, and our passion for sourcing and developing beautiful coffees for our customers.

Head Roaster, Daniel Lopez talks about El Salvador Bernardina

Available now for presale, the third volume of our Roaster Series is this remarkable El Salvador Bernardina. Our supply is extremely limited, and it’ll sell out fast, so don’t miss your chance to enjoy one this one-of-a-kind coffee! This coffee was sourced and roasted by our Head Roaster, Daniel Lopez. Check out our Roaster Series page to learn more about this project!

Pre-Order Halloween Decorated Sugar Cookies

Posted by on October 20, 2021

Spooky Season is upon us, and we’re baking up treats (and maybe some tricks) to help you celebrate the season!

You can pre-order cookies at www.frothycheer.com!

Designs include Party Ghost, Frankenstein Bubble Gum, Hipster Mummy, Boss Witch, and Friend Squad.

Cookies are $4 each or grab the whole Squad for $20.

Pre-order by Tuesday, October 26th at Midnight for pickup at our Bakery on Friday, 10/29 or Saturday, 10/30.

For large or custom orders, or for orders wished to be picked up before this date please email cookies@frothymonkey.com with your request and we’ll take it from there!

Introducing Limited Edition: Dia De Los Muertos Coffee

Posted by on October 15, 2021

Special packaging designed by Neal Russler (instagram.com/nealrussler)

It’s our favorite time of year, and we’re proud to offer a delicious coffee that honors a tradition that’s very dear to our hearts. Day of the Dead is one of the most important annual celebrations in Mexico and Latin America, and we cherish the opportunity to help preserve and communicate the cultural heritage of Dia de los Muertos and its importance in our communities. We’re pleased to bring you an exceptional coffee from the Heart of Sierra Sur in Oaxaca, Mexico, by our longstanding partners in the Sicobi group. Beautifully balanced with notes of caramelMcIntosh applestoasted almonds, and sweet baking spices, our Mexico Sicobi is one of our most anticipated coffees of the year, and we’re delighted to share it with you. 

Mexico Sicobi is one of those special coffees that gets better every time we taste it. Now in its fifth year, our relationship with the Sicobi communities gives us the opportunity to watch and taste the efforts they continue to make toward quality and sustainability. Coffees processed at Sicobi are known for breaking the mold of the standard Mexican coffee profile. With its warm and comforting flavors, this year’s offering is essentially “fall in a cup”!

Available in-stores and online now!

We’ve been developing a relationship with the Sicobi group for six years now, and continue to be impressed with the consistent quality of the coffee they’re exporting. Founded nine years ago by the non-governmental organization GAIA, as part of its efforts to support and encourage biodiversity, Sicobi now manages 1,500 hectares of coffee plantations that belong to 500 growers in their region of Oaxaca. They select only a small percentage of the available coffee, in order to focus their efforts on developing quality and differentiating markets.



The coffees processed through Sicobi don’t fit the standard Mexican cup profile you may be familiar with. Some of them almost have the fruity character of a natural, despite being fully washed; that happens because of the natural conditions of the region, particularly the very dry landscape that creates a unique micro-climate. This year’s lot is another strong one, boasting a pleasant citrus acidity and a malty, sweet character.


Kenya Gachiru Nyeri AB Coffee

Posted by on October 14, 2021

Juicy and easy-drinking, this fully washed coffee is produced by James Gakuru Ngobia at his farm, Gachiru Estate. James cultivates an interesting mix of traditional SL28 & the newer Batian cultivar, resulting in a smooth, citrusy cup.

At 4 hectares, Gachuru is categorized as a ‘small estate’ in Kenya. Traditionally, many farmers of this size in the country did not operate their own processing equipment. They have historically delivered cherries to a centralized cooperative-owned ‘Factory’ (as washing stations are called, locally), where their production is combined with that of others from their region. James, however, operates a small wet-mill and processes his own coffee, ensuring full traceability back to the farm.

Nyeri County is one Kenya’s most famous growing regions. The name Nyeri is derived from the Masaai word nyiro, meaning red, after the red volcanic soil in the area. The name was adapted by white settler farmers to Nyeri. Most farmers in the area today grow tea and coffee as cash crops. Nyeri County has rich soil and a temperate climate, making it perfect for coffee farming. Much of the coffee here is cultivated in the foothills of the Aberdare Mountains, which have warm days and cool nights and a plentiful water supply.

Kenyan coffees are classified by size. AB beans are those that are between screen size 15 and 18, meaning that beans are between 6 and 7 millimeters in size. We get crisp notes of white grape and lemon, balanced with rich black tea notes and just a touch of the warming spiciness of clove. It’s a coffee that we’re glad to have around just as the weather’s getting cooler in Nashville, and we think you’ll also appreciate how comforting it is, wherever you are.

Colombia Diego Imbachi Gesha: Roaster Series Coffee

Posted by on September 28, 2021

In celebration of National Coffee Day we’re releasing the second coffee of our Roaster Series is one we couldn’t be more proud to showcase. For those familiar with Frothy Monkey, you may recall the name Carlos Imbachi, as we have featured his award-winning coffees multiple times in the past. We are so excited to present a coffee from his son, Diego, who represents both the present and future of Colombian Specialty Coffee. This is just the 2nd lot of Gesha produced and harvested on their farm, Finca Buenavista in the Huila region of Colombia.

In the summer of 2018, we released our first coffee from award-winning Carlos Imbachi, a striking yellow bourbon with notes of rose, pineapple, and melon. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to feature Imbachi coffees each year, and for 2021 we’re delighted to bring you the Imbachi family’s exquisite Gesha, produced by Carlos’s son Diego Imbachi. First planted in 2016, it took several seasons of patience and hard work to produce coffee’s most prized varietal and we were thrilled to finally be offering it to you.

It’s everything you want out of the Gesha variety: juicy fruit notes, soft malic acidity, and delicate florals. We especially love how it transforms in the cup as it cools: when hot, the smooth apple and sweet confectionary notes are dominant, but as it cools it becomes more crisp and complex with a lingering black tea and rose petal finish.

This Gesha is grown in the mountainous, biodiverse southern region of Huila, Colombia. The family’s 1,000 trees are shade-grown beneath native Guama trees. After harvesting the Gesha, Diego depulps, ferments, and washes the coffee. It is then dried for over a week before beginning its long journey to the Frothy Monkey Roastery. Experience the latest and greatest from the Imbachi family before it’s gone!

This coffee was sourced and roasted by our roasting duo, Alex Clayton & Daniel Lopez. Check out our Roaster Series page to learn more about this project!

Guatemala San Ramon Coffee

Posted by on September 9, 2021

Guatemala is one of our favorite countries of origin for specialty coffee. Smooth in body with a balanced, sweet profile, Guatemalan coffees have an incredible diversity of fruity, sweet, and chocolate notes. 

This offering from the San Ramon farm takes these attributes and expands on them, resulting in yet another high quality lot coming from the famed Huehuetenango region. San Ramon was grown by Vides 58, a family company founded in 1958 that owns six farms in Huehuetenango. Jacqueline, a Q-grader who operates a coffee lab in Guatemala City, and her husband Nayo, the current manager and promoter of Vides 58, have invested greatly in variety diversification, equipment updates, and community improvements like the school they founded on the farm in 1980.

Vides 58’s focus on quality and beneficial relationships results in the extra care that is so apparent in the delicious taste and experience of San Ramon. 

Partially made up of San Ramon – an older variety descended from the Typica lineage – we think this lot contains everything you’d want in a Guatemalan coffee: apricot and pear-like malic acidity, white chocolate, and a rounded honey sweetness that you can drink over and over again.

Brazil Serra Do Cabral Micro Lot Coffee

Posted by on August 2, 2021

We are so excited to bring back this lot! For years, coffee from Brazil has been a staple in specialty coffee shops around the world as roasters rely on it to be a consistent and readily available anchor for blends. In the last few harvest cycles however, Brazilian coffees are getting more and more recognition for the fantastic work being done by producers to grow coffees that are delicious in their own right.

The Flanzer family is an agricultural family, working within the Serra do Cabral region for over 30 years. When Marcello and Roberto Flanzer took over their family business in the early 2000s, they decided it was the right time to grow coffee on their family farm. They founded Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral in 2006, where they originally only grew yellow and red catuai. As things have progressed and their relationships grown, they have been able to experiment with more micro lots and different processing.

In 2015, they began a project with the University of Lavras to experiment with new drying techniques for their natural and pulp natural coffees. By committing to the highest levels of traceability and care, they can track subtle changes in each micro lot’s quality as they hone in their processing even more.

This coffee, a yellow catuai, was shade-dried and turned several times a day. Once dried, it rested for 30 days in a cool, dark environment, giving it many of its unique characteristics. We’re loving this coffee for its rich balance of sweetness and fruitiness. With each sip you can discover something new – the coating mouthfeel of a roasted almond, the subtle malic acidity of a red pear, or its more vibrant purple grape fruitiness. It’s another perfect snapshot of Brazil’s future in specialty coffee and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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