Tennessee Action for Hospitality Announces A Fund For Us 

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Tennessee Action for Hospitality Announces A Fund For Us 

Posted by on April 3, 2020

Tennessee Action for Hospitality Announces A Fund For Us 

In partnership with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, the recently-formed coalition has founded an assistance fund providing relief to individuals in need


NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (April 3, 2020)Tennessee Action for Hospitality is a state-wide coalition of independent restaurant owners, hourly workers, and chefs that recently formed as a response to the crisis the hospitality industry is facing due to the public health and safety threat of COVID-19. In an effort to support hospitality professionals who plan to continue their career in Tennessee when the crisis is over, Tennessee Action for Hospitality has partnered with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT) to create A Fund for Us, a fund that will provide swift relief to those who have lost their job, or seen a dramatic decrease in hours worked. 


Through A Fund for Us, grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to individuals who meet the criteria, as resources are available. CFMT will administer the fund on behalf of the coalition, following a two-part application process: 


  1. Qualifying small businesses must meet the following criteria:
    • Based in Tennessee, with an operating business license as of March 1, 2020. 
    • Offers an experience centered upon enjoyment of high quality food and/or beverage, with an emphasis on restaurant service, employing both full-time front- and back-of-house workers. 
    • The owner(s) of the establishment work full-time for their restaurant(s), bar(s), caterer(s), or restaurant group. 
    • The owner(s) of the establishment were instrumental in the creation of their business, and are free from outside control by way of majority ownership–not publicly traded, a franchise, or chain. 
  2. Individual employees can then apply for grants, based on the following criteria:
    • Currently or most previously employed by a pre-qualified independent restaurant, caterer, or bar (as defined before). 
    • Someone who plans on re-entering the hospitality industry at the end of this public health crisis.
    • Someone for whom hospitality pay is at least 80% of their income.
    • Someone who had worked for their most recent employer a minimum of six months. 
    • No limit on household members. 
    • Individuals who make under $85,000 annually


While there are many worthwhile funds through national organizations, A Fund for Us sets itself apart by specifically serving individuals from the hospitality sector in the state of Tennessee. 


Restaurants can register by visiting https://cfmt.formstack.com/forms/tnaction4hospitality_business


Consumer donations will open online next week.  Individual applications will open online starting April 13.


The importance placed specifically on employees of independent restaurants and bars is to preserve what cannot be replaced—establishments that create culture—by providing assistance to those professionals who may not qualify for other need-based funds, but who cannot meet their financial obligations by unemployment alone. Anyone who considers themselves a part of the independent hospitality industry is welcome to apply—from caterers and banquet workers to bartenders, servers, restaurant managers, line cooks, dishwashers, and more—and CFMT will choose those who are the best fit for funding based on need. 


Tennessee Action for Hospitality chose to partner with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that it has a state-wide network. CFMT will act as an impartial third party that can administer A Fund for Us fairly and according to the coalition’s criteria. Both qualifying and non-qualifying applicants will receive guidance from the foundation’s Employee Assistance team regarding other available resources. 


“Our friends in the hospitality industry are an integral piece to making Nashville thrive and are woven into the fabric of this community,” says Ellen Lehman, president of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. “We collectively have to do everything we can to help the independent restaurateurs, bartenders, dishwashers, managers, cooks, and servers as they weather this terrible economic storm with us. Together, we are Nashville. Together, we are Tennessee.”


A Fund for Us was initiated through generous contributions from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery and Cool Springs Wines & Spirits. Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of Tennessee, a statewide trade association of Tennessee wine and spirits distributors (including Athens Distributing Company, Best Brands Incorporated, Beverage Control Inc, Empire Distributors Inc,  Knoxville Beverage, Lipman Brothers, Triple C Distributing, and West Tennessee Crown Distributing Co.) has pledged to match all consumer donations up to $200,000. Individual donations will be accepted online starting next week. 


“It has been an unprecedented few weeks as our community faces historic challenges,” says Bret Moore, President and CEO of Cool Springs Wine. “Amid the stress and uncertainty, we want to support those in our industry who are profoundly affected by this crisis. We invite our fellow retailers, distributors, and suppliers to join us in this relief effort for workers in the on-premise industry.”


Charlie Nelson, President of Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, says, “The hospitality industry represents the cultural heartbeat of Tennessee, comprised of individuals who work tirelessly so we can all enjoy the company of our friends and family over a meal. This community has supported me and my business from day one, and without these amazing individuals, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


“The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Tennessee are encouraged to see this important fund generate much needed help to our hospitality partners.  Now more than ever we must band together and stand with our local businesses during these difficult times,” says Ryan Haynes, Executive Director of Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of Tennessee. 


Those interested in making a corporate contribution to A Fund for Us should reach out to Marcia Masulla, who leads fundraising for Tennessee Action for Hospitality, or mail checks (payable to TN Action for Hospitality Fund) to the address below:


The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

P.O. Box 440225

Nashville, Tennessee 37244


Marcia Masulla: marcia@roarnashville.com

Julia Sullivan, co-owner and chef of Henrietta Red and The Party Line, has been a voice for the coalition since its formation. She says, “Food and beverage service in Tennessee is an important piece of a supply chain that supports not only restaurant professionals, but hundreds of ancillary services from florists, to distillers, to meatpackers.  This is one thing we can do that will help – we can raise funds for ourselves, to help our employees through this, to reopen our businesses so they (and you) have a place to come home to. We can weave a safety net so that next time a tornado hits, next time we close to stop the spread of a disease, next time the planet rears up to make us all sit down, we have a life raft that we built. Together.”

Sean Brock, a James Beard Award-winning chef and cookbook author and Nashville restaurateur adds, “The hospitality industry and the people that make it so special are suffering more than words can describe. So many people have asked how they can help. Tennessee Action for Hospitality provides a meaningful way to contribute to people who need it the most right now. Our people need help as quickly as possible and a donation will make a big difference in someone’s life.” 

Kahlil Arnold, owner and chef of Nashville’s beloved Arnold’s Country Kitchen has been an advocate for the group since its inception. “When I think of the restaurant business, I think of family.  Not just the families we serve, but the family within the four walls of our restaurant. From the couple who came in to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary on one of the last days we had the dining room open to our staff who have been with us for decades, who are still here now trying to keep the restaurant from disappearing. It’s times like these I remember I’m lucky to have three families: my customers, my employees, and those I love at home. I appreciate all of my customers who have reached out and offered support to not just me but everyone in the restaurant community – because of you, we have a fighting chance to keep these families alive.”

On March 18, 2020, Tennessee Action for Hospitality drafted a letter to Governor Bill Lee, stating the importance of providing aid to the restaurant industry, and invited the public to join them by sending their own letter and personal note to Tennessee state legislators through the group’s online form. Two weeks in, the form has been completed more than 3,800 times, with each legislator receiving an individual email per form. While still in progress, a handful of requests from the letter were quickly met or addressed. 




About Tennessee Action for Hospitality:

Tennessee Action for Hospitality is a coalition of independent restaurant owners, hourly workers, and chefs working together to connect Tennessee hospitality workers as a united front to expedite the protection, relief, and welfare of and for hospitality workers at a local, state, and federal level. Tennessee Action for Hospitality supports the national efforts of the Independent Restaurant Coalition. Since its inception, the coalition has used its platform to share up-to-date resources and news for local business owners and workers, as well as helping the community on the ground by organizing free produce markets with the help of Creation Gardens for those in need. For more information, please visit www.tnactionforhospitality.com. To contact the group directly, please email actionforhospitality@gmail.com


About The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Community Foundation exists to promote and facilitate giving in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee and beyond. It does this by accepting gifts of any size from anyone at any time and by empowering individuals, families, companies, nonprofits, and communities to respond to needs and opportunities that matter. The Community Foundation works with people who have great hearts, whether or not they have great wealth, to craft solutions that reflect their intentions and goals. The Community Foundation has distributed $1 billion in grants since its inception 29 years ago in 1991. For more information, call 615-321-4939.


Posted by on April 2, 2020

A note of gratitude for our friends and family.

We are keeping close tabs on this ever changing situation as new information and challenges present themselves. We are as sad, scared, and angry as you are. We are making difficult decisions and getting as creative as we can to adapt in order to safely serve you, maintain as many jobs as possible, and keep Frothy afloat for as long as possible. We are supporting our Frothy family as best we can by providing access to all of the resources we can pull together. We are proactively doing our part to push the government to make the right choices that will get us all through this difficult time.
We are also losing sleep over all of the things we are unable to do or provide.

We couldn’t do this without your support, and the outpouring of support we have felt has been humbling- like the big hug we all need right now. We will continue to do the best we can with a positive outlook and love for all of you. Thank you for your trust and support, we are grateful.

If you haven’t yet signed the Tennessee Action for Hospitality petition, please do so here and share with your friends as well. #frothylove

Chemex Brew Guide

Posted by on March 20, 2020

This brew method was designed by German Chemist, Peter J. Schlumbohm, in 1941. It was once considered to be “one of the best-designed products of modern times”, and is included in a collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Chemex filters are 20-30% heavier than other filters so they retain more of the suspended oils during the brewing process and solids cannot pass through the filter. Brew characteristics: Medium body, clean cup and clarity of flavors.

What you need for this brew:

• 6 cup Chemex brewer  
• Chemex filters  

• Grinder  

• Pour over kettle  

• 40g freshly roasted coffee

• 195-205 degree water 

• Scale 

• Timer

What you will need to brew a Chemex


Dose = 40g coffee
Bloom = 80g water for 45 seconds
Final water weight = 680 g
Pour time = 3:30 min
Brew time (total time) = 5-6 min
Coffee to water ratio = 1:17
Grind = Medium – Coarse grind, grind should be coarser than drip brewer but finer than French press. 



STEP 1 • Place the filter in the Chemex, make sure the three-layered side of the filter is towards the spout to prevent the filter from being sucked into the spout.

Steps 1 + 2 : Place filter and wet

STEP 2 • Heat Chemex and filter by pouring hot water through them both; this will also help reduce the flavor imparted by the paper. 

STEP 3 • Pour the water out of the back of the Chemex, while leaving the filter in place.

Step 4 : weigh out coffee

STEP 4 • Weigh out ~40 g of your favorite coffee and grind about the size of coarse sea salt.

Medium-coarse grounds

STEP 5 • Fill up gooseneck kettle with 195-205 degree water (wait 30 seconds after boiling).

Step 6 : Add coffee and zero scale

STEP 6 • Place Chemex with the filter on scale and zero. Add exactly 40 g of freshly ground coffee to the filter and level. Zero scale again.

Step 7 : First pour

STEP 7 • Start the timer and pour ~80 g of water over the coffee, being sure to wet ALL the grounds. Allow the coffee to sit until the timer reaches 45 seconds before adding more water; we call this the ‘the bloom’ or ‘de-gassing’ and it is when the coffee is releasing gasses trapped in the grounds.

The bloom

STEP 8 • At 45 seconds add  ~150 g of water by slowly pouring water over the coffee in small circles moving around the coffee bed but avoiding the edges of the filter. 

Step 9 : Continue pour

STEP 9 • Pour another 150 g of water at 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 finishing at exactly 680 g.

Step 10 : A nice flat bed

STEP 10 • Allow the coffee to continue to drip until you have a slow drip (this should happen at 5-6 minutes). You should have a nice flat bed of coffee in your filter.

Step 11 : Pour and enjoy

STEP 11 • Remove filter and grounds, swirl your Chemex, and pour into your favorite coffee mug.

Reusable Cup Discount

Posted by on February 17, 2020

Every little bit matters when it comes to sustainability, and we’re hoping that you can help us cut down on the use of disposables. This past year we started using sip lids for our cold cups to eliminate the need for a straw, and now we are happy to share that when guests bring a reusable cup into our stores they will receive 15 cents off of their beverage purchase. We have some great reusable cup options available for purchase online or in our stores if you don’t already have one. For those of you who are making the effort to reduce waste we thank you!


Art Submissions

Posted by on January 28, 2020

We love our creative communities and we are always looking for your art to feature on our walls! If you are interested in showing your art in one of our spaces, please fill out the form below and answer in as much detail as possible. Once it has been reviewed someone will reach out to you with more information regarding your work and showing with Frothy!

Please understand that we are not an art gallery and not all art (regardless of outstanding it is!) will work in our restaurants. We do our best to match artists and their art to the character of our spaces with consideration for our clientele. Keep in mind that we are family friendly.

*Note that only one submission per artist is necessary for review. If you have additional questions, please email us at art@frothymonkey.com.



Valentine’s Day 3-Course Dinners 2/13-2/15

Posted by on January 14, 2020

Valentine’s Day Dinners 2/13-2/15
Frothy Love 3 Course Dinner
Thursday + Friday + Saturday after 5pm
$50 per couple
Add a bottle of wine from our hand picked selections for $25

Franklin / 12South / DWTN Nashville / Chattanooga / Nations
(OpenTable reservations are available in Chattanooga only by visiting frothymonkey.com/reservations)



{course one}

Cheese plate to share
Small salad* x2 

{course two}  pick 2

Braised Beef Short Rib
over mashed potatoes with buttered greens beans and red wine pan gravy

Herb Crusted Mahi
over parmesan risotto, grilled asparagus and basil pesto

 Penne Pasta
with tomatoes, red onions, spinach and sundried tomato pesto cream
-add chicken for 4 dollars-

{course three}  shared

Chocolate Pound Cake
layered with white chocolate mousse and bourbon macerated raspberries + 2 chocolate truffles.


The regular menu will also be available in addition to the special Valentine’s Day menu.

Locations + Hours

12South 2509 12th ave. south, nashville, tn 37204 / 615-600-4756 x1 / Thurs open until 9pm Fri + Sat open until 10pm
franklin 125 5th ave south, franklin, tn 37064 / 615-600-4756 x3 / Thurs open until 9pm Fri + Sat open until 10pm
dwtn nashville  avenue of the arts, 235 5th ave north, nashville, tn 37219 / 615-600-4756 x2 / Thurs open until 9pm Fri + Sat open until 10pm
the nations  1400 51st Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209 / 615-600-4756 x4 / Thurs open until 9pm Fri + Sat open until 10pm
southside  1400 Market Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402, 423-680-6343 / Thurs open until 10pm Fri + Sat open until 11pm

2019 CoffeeChamps | Nashville, TN | 1.12-13

Posted by on January 7, 2020

Join us at CoffeeChamps when in comes to #Nashville on 1/11-12! CoffeeChamps is caffeine-packed weekend event, featuring the Qualifying Competitions for the U.S Coffee Championships. Coffee professionals from all over the United States compete to enhance and show off their skills as Baristas, Brewers, Roasters, and Tasters. The champions from the U.S. Coffee Championships will represent the USA at the World Championships. CoffeeChamps also features a free cafe & roaster village, vendor marketplace, brewing demonstrations, and so much more!

Coffee Champs US Qualifier
January 11-12, 2020 / Track One / Nashville, TN
General admission tickets are now on sale for $5/each at www.uscoffeechampionships.org @uscoffeechamps #coffeechampsnashville

Special edition of our weekly coffee cupping at Frothy Monkey Roasting Co
Friday, January 10, 2020 @ 2:00pm / at Frothy Monkey Roasting Co 613 Ewing Ave. Nashville, TN 37203

We’ll be hosting a party with our friends at Jackalope Brewing at The Ranch on Saturday, January 11th 6-10pm.  Open to the public and Coffee Champs attendees. Those with wristbands will have VIP access to food + drink tickets!


Open Interviews for Frothy East

Posted by on December 10, 2019

We will be opening a Frothy Monkey in the Lockeland Springs neighborhood of East Nashville- official opening date TBD (more on that here). We’re looking for optimistic, warm individuals who work well in teams and independently. Willing to smile often and abundantly and take pleasure in making others happy. Please fill out our general application if you are interested in joining our Frothy East family or attend one of our open interview dates!

Join us for OPEN interviews
Location: 1701 Fatherland St., Nashville, TN 37206
Dates + Times:
Thursday, January 9
8a-11a or 3p-6p
Friday, January 10
8a-11a or 3p-6p

 Please bring a resume to the interview if you have one.

Frothy Monkey offers an inclusive and creative workplace. Our team members have the opportunity to collaborate with others, grow professionally, and contribute to a growing company. We extend hospitality to our guests and to each other. We offer generous benefits for full time employees including health insurance, company HSA contributions, paid time off (for salaried positions), free parking (for our Avenue of the Arts location in Downtown Nashville), and competitive pay for all positions.

Within 90 days of hire, all full-time employees are eligible for competitive health, dental, vision and HSA benefits.
Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization. They are Quality, Relationships, Warmth, Grit, Growth + Development, and Execution. These guiding principles dictate our behavior, support our vision, and shape our culture.
About Frothy Monkey
Coffee + Food + Wine. We have Breakfast through Dinner restaurant locations in several neighborhoods in the Nashville (12South + Downtown Nashville + The Nations + East (coming soon)), Franklin (Downtown Franklin), and Chattanooga, TN (Southside) areas. We also have a BAKERY and roast our own coffee.
We use quality ingredients to prepare original food and drink, served in a cozy and approachable atmosphere. We focus on an exceptional breakfast through dinner experience for our guests- 7 days a week, 363 days a year. Frothy Monkey has been voted ‘Best Coffeehouse’ and ‘Best Service’ in the Nashville Scene Best of Nashville Awards. Find more information about Awards + Other Proud Moments here or by visiting frothymonkey.com/awards

2019 Festivus Blend

Posted by on November 22, 2019


A blend of coffees from Sumatra + Ethiopia feat. notes of dried fruits, vanilla + baking spices

For the holidays we combine two very different and complex coffees from Sumatra and Ethiopia. For the 2019 Festivus Blend, we have once again selected two of the finest coffees Sumatra and Ethiopia have to offer.

We commissioned local artist, Jessie Pickren of Hew & Co to illustrate the Festivus art and the packaging was screen printed in Nashville, TN by Grand Palace.

This year’s Ethiopian component is a naturally processed coffee from the Konga cooperative, grown in the world famous Yirgacheffe region. This complex coffee adds plenty of dark fruit notes to the blend, such as cherry and blueberry.  

The Sumatran component comes from the famed Aceh region in northern Sumatra.  Here the coffees are picked at peak ripeness and then processed in the “wet hull” method that has made Sumatra famous for their flavor profile. Our 2018 Festivus Blend adds plenty of depth with notes of vanilla, oak, and baking spices.   

Together, these coffees create our version of one of the world’s original coffee blends, Mocha Java.  

Festivus Blend will be available at all Frothy Monkey locations and from our online store starting on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season!
Order Now



Spreading Frothy Cheer in 2019

Posted by on November 20, 2019

Our Frothy family is filled with people who care about their community, and we are grateful for you. This holiday season we are joining forces with several other indie businesses, friends, and non-profits to give back to our neighbors in need, and organizations we are passionate about. But, we need your help! Here is how you can be involved in Nashville, Franklin, and Chattanooga.

Toy + Clothing Drives


Help us make Christmas shine for everyone! From now until December 14th, Lightning 100 & Frothy Monkey are partnering with the Metro Police Christmas Charities to collect new, unwrapped toys, and supplies for the elderly. You can find toy collection boxes at 3 Frothy Monkey locations; 12South, The Nations & Avenue of the Arts Downtown. Plus, Lightning 100 is accepting donations at the Lightning 100 office at 1310 Clinton Street. Suite 215. Nashville. 37203.  


Bring new and unwrapped toys to Frothy Franklin to be collected for the Franklin Firefighter’s Charities holiday drive! If you would like to fulfill specific wishes, visit Franklin fire stations to pick up a tag. Items will be distributed to Williamson County families in need who are chosen by the FFA. The collection at Frothy Franklin will wrap up in mid December.


Our Southside location will be a drop off location for The Forgotten Child Fund a Chattanooga based charity run by the police and firefighters, who deliver the toys in a firetruck to the kids. Bring your donations to Frothy Southside by December 18th.


IndieNashGiving is a homegrown movement that takes place in Nashville (and in our case, Franklin + Chattanooga as well!) on Small Business Saturday — the Saturday after Thanksgiving — when shoppers are encouraged to support local businesses. This Small Business Saturday, a group of independent Nashville businesses will go one step further and demonstrate the impact shopping local can have on our city.

When you’re out and about on Small Business Saturday (November 30, 2019), be sure to visit us and other IndieNashgiving participants. As we give a portion of sales to local non-profits who are doing good. Look how far the ripple effect can go when you shop local! You’ll get fabulous goods and services; your dollars will fuel the local economy; and you’ll have a direct impact on those most in need in our community. 

Frothy Monkey will be donating 10% of sales of retail coffee on Small Business Saturday to two organizations, Metro Police Christmas Charities and Tennessee Equality Project. Thank you to our friends at Parnassus Books for organizing this amazing day of giving!



Date: Monday, November 25th

Time: 11:30 – 1:30

Location: The 200 block of MLK Boulevard in front of the Bessie Smith Cultural Center

If you are in Chattanooga on Monday, November 25th please join us for Gratefull, Causeway‘s annual city-wide Thanksgiving potluck. Every year on the Monday before Thanksgiving, we shut down a block on MLK Boulevard, inviting strangers and friends of all walks of life to gather and share a potluck meal in the middle of the street at one long table. There is no fee, no expectations, and no agenda—just an open invitation. Click here for more info.

Giving Tuesday

Join #TeamCempa for YOGA, CYCLING, & HIIPfit benefit classes at @yogalanding, @echelon_studio, & @kylehousefitnessto celebrate #GivingTuesday on December 3rd! After your class. . . DINE OUT! This year, a percentage of Frothy Monkey’s sales in Chattanooga on 12.3.19 will benefit Cempa Community Care! 


 Festivus Show 

Saturday, December 14th @8pm
Marathon Music Works feat. Anderson East, with Black Pumas and Luci Silvas

The year’s event benefits Metro Police Christmas Charities (our toy drive benefactor) and features performances by Nashville’s own Anderson East, who’s latest album, Alive in Tennessee, is out now;  Austin Texas band, Black Pumas, whom are currently touring in support of their debut effort. Lucie Silvas rounds off an amazing night of great live music. Tickets are $22 / $25 Click here for more info.


Frothy Monkey