Cold Brew Brewing Guide


There are a plethora of cold brew makers available on the market, but they all use the same steeping method. The process is in the name “cold brew”, and because we use cold water, it takes longer for the coffee to extract. Typically, the brew time ranges between 12 to 24 hours. What you are left with after brewing is a rich concentrate which allows you to dilute it to your taste preferences.

OXO Compact Cold Brew Method

Brew characteristics: Smooth and sweet, with light acidity and bitterness. For this brew you’ll need:

Step by Step Cold Brew Coffee Preparation

STEP 1 • Pour 6 oz. of coarse ground coffee into the container

STEP 2 Gently pour 28.8 oz. of filtered water around the top of the rainmaker. Use a spoon to push any remaining dry grounds below the surface.

Recipe: 1 oz./per 4.8 fl. oz. (47 grams/per 1 cup). 

STEP 3 • Cover the top and let the coffee steep for 24 hours at room temperature

STEP 4 • Place the brewing container on top of the glass carafe. The coffee will auto dispense. Let the concentrate completely drip out. This concentrate is good for up to two weeks when refrigerated.

STEP 5 • Add 1:2 parts concentrate to water, top with ice, and drink! Feel free to dilute it to your taste and strength.