Introducing Limited Edition: Dia De Los Muertos Coffee

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Introducing Limited Edition: Dia De Los Muertos Coffee

Posted by on October 15, 2021

Special packaging designed by Neal Russler (

It’s our favorite time of year, and we’re proud to offer a delicious coffee that honors a tradition that’s very dear to our hearts. Day of the Dead is one of the most important annual celebrations in Mexico and Latin America, and we cherish the opportunity to help preserve and communicate the cultural heritage of Dia de los Muertos and its importance in our communities. We’re pleased to bring you an exceptional coffee from the Heart of Sierra Sur in Oaxaca, Mexico, by our longstanding partners in the Sicobi group. Beautifully balanced with notes of caramelMcIntosh applestoasted almonds, and sweet baking spices, our Mexico Sicobi is one of our most anticipated coffees of the year, and we’re delighted to share it with you. 

Mexico Sicobi is one of those special coffees that gets better every time we taste it. Now in its fifth year, our relationship with the Sicobi communities gives us the opportunity to watch and taste the efforts they continue to make toward quality and sustainability. Coffees processed at Sicobi are known for breaking the mold of the standard Mexican coffee profile. With its warm and comforting flavors, this year’s offering is essentially “fall in a cup”!

Available in-stores and online now!

We’ve been developing a relationship with the Sicobi group for six years now, and continue to be impressed with the consistent quality of the coffee they’re exporting. Founded nine years ago by the non-governmental organization GAIA, as part of its efforts to support and encourage biodiversity, Sicobi now manages 1,500 hectares of coffee plantations that belong to 500 growers in their region of Oaxaca. They select only a small percentage of the available coffee, in order to focus their efforts on developing quality and differentiating markets.



The coffees processed through Sicobi don’t fit the standard Mexican cup profile you may be familiar with. Some of them almost have the fruity character of a natural, despite being fully washed; that happens because of the natural conditions of the region, particularly the very dry landscape that creates a unique micro-climate. This year’s lot is another strong one, boasting a pleasant citrus acidity and a malty, sweet character.


Frothy Monkey is taking over the Urban Standard space in Birmingham!

Posted by on August 3, 2021

It’s official! Frothy Monkey will be taking over the former home of Urban Standard in the 2nd Ave North district of Downtown Birmingham, AL (2320 2nd Ave N). At Frothy Monkey we have been fans of both Birmingham and Urban Standard for a long time so when Tom (Urban Standard) reached out to us about reopening the Urban Standard space as a Frothy Monkey we jumped at the opportunity.

“I opened Urban Standard 14 years ago as an extension of my home and a place where people could gather and exchange ideas and inspiration, said Tomasz Wrzesien, Owner of Urban Standard. “I was introduced to Ryan Pruitt, Managing Partner of Frothy Monkey by a mutual friend back in 2019 and after spending time getting to know him and Frothy Monkey I knew that they would be a wonderful fit to take over the Urban Standard space and to carry on our mission to serve this neighborhood and community. Please give a warm welcome to my friends at Frothy, you’ll love them!”

No firm date has been determined for opening, but we are currently working with Creature on the space. “Excited for Frothy Monkey to open their first Birmingham location and bring life back to the Urban Standard space that played a pivotal role in the momentum of downtown revitalization,” says Mike Gibson, CEO and CO-Founder of Creature. “Their unique menu, style and focus on creating a personal experience is going to kill it downtown.”

We will post updates when we get closer to opening. We can’t wait to get to know you #Birmingham!

A little more about us…

Frothy Monkey is an independently owned all day cafe, specialty coffee roaster, and wholesale bakery with cafes in Nashville, Franklin, and Chattanooga Tennessee. Frothy serves breakfast, brunch every day (including Sundays) until 5 pm, lunch, and dinner. Beverage offerings include coffee, as well as craft beer, wine + cocktails. Food and drinks are made from scratch using original recipes and thoughtfully sourced ingredients from regional farmers and producers whenever possible.

Frothy began as a coffeehouse in a cozy bungalow in Nashville’s 12South neighborhood in 2004 and their approachable menu and hospitality have made it a favorite gathering spot for neighbors and travelers alike. Visit for more details. twitter + instagram: @frothymonkey  facebook:

Contact Us | About Us | Jobs | Menu


A note from Urban Standard’s owner, Tomasz Wrzesien


Love Letter Blend Valentine’s Day Playlist

Posted by on February 12, 2021

Ah, love is in the air! Our coffee roasting team in Nashville operates on caffeine and good jams and they have compiled an extensive and eclectic playlist to enjoy while sipping Love Letter Blend coffee with your Valentine.

Shuffle and enjoy, lovers!

Challah French Toast at Home

Posted by on April 2, 2020

Fun Fact: Did you know Challah bread makes fantastic French Toast? Check out our French Toast recipe courtesy of Chef Chase!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 loaf of challah bread
1 dozen eggs, beaten
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Step 1: Warm a skillet over med-high heat

Step 2: Slice Challah horizontally in 1 to 1 1/2″ thick slices (Not going to use the whole loaf? Challah freezes exceptionally well!)

Step 3: Crack eggs and beat with a whisk

Step 4: Add dry ingredients (brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract) to beaten eggs

Step 5: Dredge sliced Challah in egg wash, and place in skillet

Step 6: Cook until golden brown on both sides. Serve with fresh fruit and maple syrup

Follow along on instagram @frothymonkeybakery to see when our Challah is hitting stores and tag us with photos of your French Toast!


Posted by on April 2, 2020

A note of gratitude for our friends and family.

We are keeping close tabs on this ever changing situation as new information and challenges present themselves. We are as sad, scared, and angry as you are. We are making difficult decisions and getting as creative as we can to adapt in order to safely serve you, maintain as many jobs as possible, and keep Frothy afloat for as long as possible. We are supporting our Frothy family as best we can by providing access to all of the resources we can pull together. We are proactively doing our part to push the government to make the right choices that will get us all through this difficult time.
We are also losing sleep over all of the things we are unable to do or provide.

We couldn’t do this without your support, and the outpouring of support we have felt has been humbling- like the big hug we all need right now. We will continue to do the best we can with a positive outlook and love for all of you. Thank you for your trust and support, we are grateful.

If you haven’t yet signed the Tennessee Action for Hospitality petition, please do so here and share with your friends as well. #frothylove

10.18.18 Chattanooga Latte Art Throwdown

Posted by on October 8, 2018

Frothy Monkey Southside is hosting a Latte Art Throwdown on Thursday, October, 18, 2018!

Location: 1400 Market St. Chattanooga, TN 37402
6p Sign Up / 7p First Pour
Free to attend
$5 buy in

Cocktails + Beer + Food + Prizes

Thank you to our sponsors! Espresso Parts, La Marzocco, Chattanooga Brewing, Chattanooga Whiskey, Barista Magazine, + coffee, Velo Coffee Roasters



New Seasonal Drinks {Spring + Summer 2017}

Posted by on March 15, 2017

We’ve got warmer weather on our minds, and our Baristas have created some seasonal drinks to get you in the mood! Notes of lemon, lavender, and mint, as well as orange, vanilla, and coconut. Try the Sparkling Raspberry Matcha as a cocktail by adding gin! (where cocktails are available of course)

Along with new drinks, we have kept The Hummingbird on the seasonal menu and made the Golden Monkey a permanent addition to our signature drink menu. Bonus: All of our drinks are created using our own line of syrups, as well as house-made syrups and sauces, which makes them extra delish.

lemon on a prayer
espresso, steamed milk, lavender, mint honey simple syrup, lemon zest

creamsicle latte
espresso, steamed milk, orange, vanilla, maple, house-made mascarpone sauce

coconut cream latte
espresso, steamed milk, house-made coconut syrup, frothy monkey vanilla syrup

sparkling raspberry matcha
house-made raspberry syrup, firepot amai matcha, lemon juice, sparkling water
{16oz iced}

the hummingbird
espresso, steamed milk, house-made pecan sauce*, frothy monkey banana syrup, cinnamon, dried pineapple garnish

{Available at 12South, Franklin, Downtown Nashville, and Southside Chattanooga on 3/16}

Sparkling Raspberry Matcha / Drink creator: Scott Perez @spout_mouth13

Creamsicle latte / Drink creator: Ryan Bledsoe @ryangarland


Lemon on a Prayer Drink / creator: Dani Andrews @dania1997

Coconut Cream Latte / Drink creator: Julia Matthews @juliasway

the Hummingbird
Drink / creator: Julia Matthews @juliasway

Frothy Monkey Cigars {blended to pair with espresso drinks}

Posted by on January 21, 2015

Introducing our *new* Frothy Monkey cigars, blended to pair exceptionally well with coffee + espresso-based beverages.

  • A collaboration with Nashville-Based Principle Cigars
  • Produced in the Dominican Republic
  • Made entirely by hand
  • Our direct to producer relationships have made this high quality product + value possible

We currently have 3 blends to choose from:

Frothy Monkey $5

  • Produced by Hendrik Kelner at KBF {Kelner Boutique Factory}
  • Dominican HVA Wrapper, Connecticut Binder, Dominican filler
  • Slightly sweet, elegant flavor profile

Sumatra $3

  • Ecuadorian-grown Sumatra wrapper
  • Cuban seed Dominican filler + binder tobaccos
  • Smooth and consistent,
  • loved by novices + aficionados alike

Connecticut $3

  • Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper
  • Cuban seed Dominican filler + binder tobaccos
  • Smooth and consistent, loved by novices + aficionados alike

Toro $10

  • Cubra, Brazil wrapper
  • Dominican, Peruvian, Pennsylvania filler + Dominican binder
  • A complex, four-country blend.  Overtones of citrus, old-world undertones of leather and earth.

Frothy Monkey Cigars2015-01-21 12.22.51-cigar

POTUS 44: A coffee-infused porter featuring Frothy Monkey

Posted by on December 20, 2013

{written by Carl Meier of Black Abbey Brewing Company}


I spend a lot of time in bars.  Some time in restaurants too, but mostly bars.

In some professions this would be considered unhealthy.  It can be difficult to get a lot of work done if you are hanging out in a bar all day.  However, in the beer business, you make an exception.

Some might say that I modified my career to fit my lifestyle.  I’m not sure that’s entirely true.  Since The Black Abbey Brewing Company opened, I have been in a great many more bars in different parts of our fine city than I had ever been to before.  I have met hundreds of fascinating, intelligent, driven, successful people.  I have watched deals be made, drama unfold, friendships fostered and candidates interviewed.  I have observed as untold amounts of dark, strong liquid have been consumed by men and women of all ages, and I have consumed more than my fair share.

I suppose you could call me a bar fly.  A coffee bar fly.  (You didn’t think I was talking about beer bars all this time, did you?)

We work strange hours at The Black Abbey.  Brewdays take a long time, events take place, people drink beer in the evenings and into the night and we like to be there to share our brand with them, tell them our story and share a pint.  This leads to many late nights.  Life goes on, however, and if we want to stay up with the men (as they say) we have to get up with the men.  This necessitates copius amounts of coffee.

Thus began our relationship with the fine folks at Frothy Monkey.

I met the Frothy crew at 12 South Winter Warmer three years ago.  We chatted quickly in a frozen tent in Sevier Park over a 2-ounce pour of our coffee porter.  Days later they had me pouring that same beer at the Frothy Monkey Staff Holiday Karaoke Extravaganza.  I became fast friends with the team in a way that only beer and karaoke can accelerate.  I fell in love with their attention to detail, their unique and memorable branding and their love for local and delicious things.

The Black Abbey started holding meetings at Frothy Monkey on 12th Avenue South.  We ate dinner there often and were always impressed with the high quality of the food and service that we received.  We met Nate Akey with 5 String Furniture at Frothy. (He ultimately hand-crafted all of the furniture in our Fellowship Hall.)  We wrote our brewery insurance policy at Frothy; we made plans, reviewed plans and executed plans at Frothy.  We drank an enormous amount of coffee at Frothy.

So when the time came for us to brew POTUS 44, our coffee-infused porter, we called Frothy Monkey.

POTUS 44 is a robust porter, first and foremost.  It fits comfortably within established style guidelines.  We added coffee at the suggestion of a good friend who enjoys our penchant for history and its relationship with craft beer.  We thought we would “liberally” infuse our porter with Kenyan and Hawaiian coffee and a little bit of smoke that won’t quit.  We knew this would give our beer a dazzling personality, but we needed expertise to make the coffee all it could be.

Enter the crack staff at Frothy Monkey.  They sourced a custom coffee blend for us and ensured that it was brewed in such a way that aromatics were maximized and acid content and oil were reduced.  We think they nailed it.

The most exciting part is that this week we will be able to share our coffee/beer collaboration at the Frothy Monkey locations in 12 South and Franklin.  So thank you to our Frothy friends for working with us to create a unique and approachable product that is an exciting and delicious reflection of both of our brands. I look forward to many more hours of meeting, observing, reminiscing and drinking to come!


Carl E. Meier
The Black Abbey Brewing Company
2952 Sidco Drive Nashville TN 37204

“So when the devil says to you: do not drink, answer him: I will drink, and right freely, just because you tell me not to.”
-Martin Luther

Frothy Monkey