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Franklin’s New Cocktail Program

Posted by on November 17, 2016

Franklin is officially launching its cocktail program! Come celebrate with us and order one of these delicious new items on their cocktail menu!

{After all is said and done}
Meletti + iced coffee rock + orange

Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka + Giffard Pamplemousse + lemon and grapefruit juice

rye + sweet vermouth + Angostura bitters + orange

{Marasca Daiquiri}
white rum + lime juice + simple + Luxardo

Tequila Blanco + lime juice + Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao + Combier Orange Liqueur

vodka  + dry vermouth + olive or
gin + dry vermouth + lemon.

{Old Fashioned}
bourbon + Angostura bitters + sugar +orange

{Tom Collins}
gin + lemon juice + simple + soda water

{The St. Germain}
St. Germain +  prosecco + club soda + lemon

Frothy Monkey Cigars {blended to pair with espresso drinks}

Posted by on January 21, 2015

Introducing our *new* Frothy Monkey cigars, blended to pair exceptionally well with coffee + espresso-based beverages.

  • A collaboration with Nashville-Based Principle Cigars
  • Produced in the Dominican Republic
  • Made entirely by hand
  • Our direct to producer relationships have made this high quality product + value possible

We currently have 3 blends to choose from:

Frothy Monkey $5

  • Produced by Hendrik Kelner at KBF {Kelner Boutique Factory}
  • Dominican HVA Wrapper, Connecticut Binder, Dominican filler
  • Slightly sweet, elegant flavor profile

Sumatra $3

  • Ecuadorian-grown Sumatra wrapper
  • Cuban seed Dominican filler + binder tobaccos
  • Smooth and consistent,
  • loved by novices + aficionados alike

Connecticut $3

  • Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper
  • Cuban seed Dominican filler + binder tobaccos
  • Smooth and consistent, loved by novices + aficionados alike

Toro $10

  • Cubra, Brazil wrapper
  • Dominican, Peruvian, Pennsylvania filler + Dominican binder
  • A complex, four-country blend.  Overtones of citrus, old-world undertones of leather and earth.

Frothy Monkey Cigars2015-01-21 12.22.51-cigar

Q & A with winemaker Thibault Poisson

Posted by on August 11, 2014

After our French Love Wine dinner we caught up with Thibault Poisson for some Q & A

1.  How many wine dinners do you think you have been a part of?  What made Frothy Monkey’s different?
I participate to more or less 2 dozen wine dinners as the speaker. I enjoyed that the fact everybody were sharing the same table. Usually group are in individual tables. I think this is also very good that the chef has been able to introduce himself.

2.  Which course during the French Wine Love dinner was the best paring?
I really enjoy pairing for courses 3 and 5. Everything paired well but those 2 were my favorites.

Course three was Pan Seared Gulf Grouper and Bacon Wrapped Hominy Croquette with Charred Scallion and Sweet Onion Puree. Pairing: Château Nozières Cuvée Ambroise De L’Her Malbec Cahors
Course five was Caramelized Apricot Pudding with Macerated Black Berries, Hazelnut Crunch and Basil Syrup. Pairing: Domaine Du Petit Coteau Vouvray Moelleux “L’Ètoile”

3.  What is different about the way America approaches food and wine compared to France?
In France, wine drinker are usually more curious to discover new wines rather than in France where people already have an idea of what they like or not.
I think real wine drinker in the US known more about wines than French.
Regarding food and wine, we drink wine at the table in France and I do not really think people are looking for perfect pairing. I do. I have over 100 different wines in my cellar and I like the diversity and always try to pull the one that will pair perfectly well.

4.  Did you get to experience very much of Nashville?  What is your favorite Nashville experience?
Last year I went to see Alabama Shake in an open scene. It was really great. I do not remember the place name.

5.  What is your favorite holiday spot in France?
Tough question. I have several.
–          Sailing in Bretanny with friends
–          Walking in the mountain (Pyrenee) with family
–          Atlantic ocean in the “Landes” and or “basque Country”
–          Skying in the Alpes
–          Going to Normandy where I grown up

RECAP: {local} Beer Love Dinner featuring Black Abbey Brewery

Posted by on February 13, 2014

Wine dinners have taken a lead role in the growing Nashville food scene, but Frothy Monkey and Black Abbey showcased that beer pairing dinners deserve to share the bill.  Despite popular belief, beer pairs well with foods other than pizza and chicken wings.   To thicken the plot, yes a coffeehouse can execute a five course pairing dinner.  A lot of hands went into making this dinner extraordinary, and the collaboration between chefs and brewers was top notch. The result was an unforgettable, sold out performance.

Although they have only been in the market for a handful of months, our friendship and partnership with the guys from Black Abbey has a three-year history.  We first met Carl, John, and Mike at the Winter Warmer Beer Festival in our 12th South neighborhood.  I instantly noticed that these guys not only had an excellent product, but the drive and passion to build a brand.  The product was so good, that I got really impatient having to wait almost 3 years before I could sit in their Fellowship Hall with a crafted beer in my hand.  The guys from Black Abbey are true craftsmen.

The second half of the partnership on the dinner came from our chef partner, Chase Ingalls, sharing the spotlight with Frank McGinty of Kaldi’s Coffee.  Kaldi’s has been our coffee roaster for a year and a half now, and we could not be aligned with better people.  Frothy Monkey and Kaldi’s share not only a love for coffee, but also for food.  It is my desire that the American café will continue to integrate more food focus into its culture.  Chase and Frank’s dishes demonstrated that both Frothy Monkey and Kaldi’s embrace this notion.

Some of my favorite moments:

• In course two, McGinty actually used hot wings as an inspiration for his dish: Grilled Sweetbreads, Buffalo Style Cauliflower, Celery, Charred Scallion Puree and Almond Foam. ?Black Abbey Pairing: Chapter House

• For course three, Ingalls reached out to our friends at the Hatcher Dairy Farm to procure the best lamb.  The result was: Braised Hatcher Lamb with Red Dragon Risotto, Roasted Carrot and Blood Orange Corn Anglaise?. Black Abbey Pairing: The Special

• During course four (click here to view full menu), I had the pleasure of sitting next to Carl Meier of Black Abbey.  This course was paired to their Stock Ale called The Champion.  Now, I have had my fair share of this beer, and obviously Carl knows it well.  We both took a drink of the beer at the same time, and were both taken back.  The Champion tasted different than it ever had before.  After a few minutes of discussion, we concluded that the Micro Herb Salad included in this course brought to the forefront an herbaceous characteristic in The Champion that we had never tasted.  Gourmet food and beer are beautiful companions.

• I do not know if this stands true for everyone, but I have never enjoyed drinking beer with dessert.  I am the kind of guy that will skip dessert if I have at least half a beer on the table, so the victory of the night goes to our Lead Baker Jen Mello.  She created a Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Pretzel Crust, Salted Beer Caramel and Black Pepper Cashew Brittle. ?Black Abbey Pairing: POTUS 44.  Even though I am a little biased (POTUS 44 is a coffee porter made with Frothy Monkey Coffee), the dessert-pairing course was simply impressive.

Our next dinner is on Thursday, March 6, featuring Bear Creek Farms. If you feel you missed out on a one of a kind dining experience, you are in luck, because tickets to that event are already for sale.  We head back to wine parings for this one, but rest assured, beer pairings now have a home in our rotation.

Ryan Pruitt
Managing Partner
Frothy Monkey




Thursday, January 23rd 2014


Tuna Three Ways
Nori Wrapped and served atop Mango Puree – Crab Stuffed Carpaccio – Chili Glazed Tartar on Spiced Parm Crisp
Pairing: The Rose

Grilled Sweetbreads, Buffalo Style Caulifower, Celery, Charred Scallion Puree and Almond Foam
Pairing: Chapter House

Braised Hatcher Lamb with Red Dragon Risotto, Roasted Carrot and Blood Orange Corn Anglaise
Pairing: The Special

Charred Hangar Steak, Smoked Purple Pomme Puree, Micro Herb Salad and Squid Ink Beurre Blanc
Pairing: The Champion

Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake with Pretzel Crust, Salted Beer Caramel and Black Pepper Cashew Brittle
Pairing: POTUS 44

POTUS 44: A coffee-infused porter featuring Frothy Monkey

Posted by on December 20, 2013

{written by Carl Meier of Black Abbey Brewing Company}


I spend a lot of time in bars.  Some time in restaurants too, but mostly bars.

In some professions this would be considered unhealthy.  It can be difficult to get a lot of work done if you are hanging out in a bar all day.  However, in the beer business, you make an exception.

Some might say that I modified my career to fit my lifestyle.  I’m not sure that’s entirely true.  Since The Black Abbey Brewing Company opened, I have been in a great many more bars in different parts of our fine city than I had ever been to before.  I have met hundreds of fascinating, intelligent, driven, successful people.  I have watched deals be made, drama unfold, friendships fostered and candidates interviewed.  I have observed as untold amounts of dark, strong liquid have been consumed by men and women of all ages, and I have consumed more than my fair share.

I suppose you could call me a bar fly.  A coffee bar fly.  (You didn’t think I was talking about beer bars all this time, did you?)

We work strange hours at The Black Abbey.  Brewdays take a long time, events take place, people drink beer in the evenings and into the night and we like to be there to share our brand with them, tell them our story and share a pint.  This leads to many late nights.  Life goes on, however, and if we want to stay up with the men (as they say) we have to get up with the men.  This necessitates copius amounts of coffee.

Thus began our relationship with the fine folks at Frothy Monkey.

I met the Frothy crew at 12 South Winter Warmer three years ago.  We chatted quickly in a frozen tent in Sevier Park over a 2-ounce pour of our coffee porter.  Days later they had me pouring that same beer at the Frothy Monkey Staff Holiday Karaoke Extravaganza.  I became fast friends with the team in a way that only beer and karaoke can accelerate.  I fell in love with their attention to detail, their unique and memorable branding and their love for local and delicious things.

The Black Abbey started holding meetings at Frothy Monkey on 12th Avenue South.  We ate dinner there often and were always impressed with the high quality of the food and service that we received.  We met Nate Akey with 5 String Furniture at Frothy. (He ultimately hand-crafted all of the furniture in our Fellowship Hall.)  We wrote our brewery insurance policy at Frothy; we made plans, reviewed plans and executed plans at Frothy.  We drank an enormous amount of coffee at Frothy.

So when the time came for us to brew POTUS 44, our coffee-infused porter, we called Frothy Monkey.

POTUS 44 is a robust porter, first and foremost.  It fits comfortably within established style guidelines.  We added coffee at the suggestion of a good friend who enjoys our penchant for history and its relationship with craft beer.  We thought we would “liberally” infuse our porter with Kenyan and Hawaiian coffee and a little bit of smoke that won’t quit.  We knew this would give our beer a dazzling personality, but we needed expertise to make the coffee all it could be.

Enter the crack staff at Frothy Monkey.  They sourced a custom coffee blend for us and ensured that it was brewed in such a way that aromatics were maximized and acid content and oil were reduced.  We think they nailed it.

The most exciting part is that this week we will be able to share our coffee/beer collaboration at the Frothy Monkey locations in 12 South and Franklin.  So thank you to our Frothy friends for working with us to create a unique and approachable product that is an exciting and delicious reflection of both of our brands. I look forward to many more hours of meeting, observing, reminiscing and drinking to come!


Carl E. Meier
The Black Abbey Brewing Company
2952 Sidco Drive Nashville TN 37204

“So when the devil says to you: do not drink, answer him: I will drink, and right freely, just because you tell me not to.”
-Martin Luther

Frothy Wine Dinner : A review by Melissa Corbin of Corbin In The Dell

Posted by on October 30, 2013

…And the winner for Best Coffeehouse in the Nashville Scene’s Best of 2013 is…Frothy Monkey!

Middle Tennesseans have relied upon Frothy Monkey to serve a delicious cup of coffee and beautiful, locally sourced breakfasts and lunches for some time now. With soon to be four locations, it’s one of my first choices when someone asks for a business coffee date. Last week, I discovered that Frothy Monkey is also a great dinner destination in 12 South AND Franklin! True to their mantra, “The Breakfast Through Dinner Coffeehouse”.

Driving into charming Downtown Franklin, my friend Kathryn and I were anxious to attend Frothy Monkey’s monthly wine dinner. October was just the right time for “Chilean Wine Love” which featured The Excelsior Wine Portfolio and six seasonal courses spotlighting Chef Chase Ingalls talent. Arriving a little early, we were able to enjoy one of their house recommended wines while taking in some of the local artwork and cozy atmosphere of the downstairs of this turn of the century bungalow.

It wasn’t long before Ingalls came out of the kitchen with a huge butcher board of hor dourves enticing us up the stairs for an evening full of delicious food and wine. There was Belgian Endive stuffed with a filling that gave a nod to the classic Waldorf salad. House-Made Phyllo stuffed with crab and mango was Kathryn’s favorite. Yes, you heard me right! Ingalls makes his own phyllo! I am a sucker for deviled eggs and often will consider them as a barometer for a chef’s style. This is one chef that has creative patience. The Truffle Quail Deviled Eggs with Paddlefish Roe was undoubtedly my favorite of the appetizer course. The hint of truffle finished with the salty roe was paired with the Coastal White Blend of Chardonnay and Moscato from Concha Y Toro Casillero which had notes of honey and spice.

First dinner course was Foie Gras with a dandelion fennel salad and roasted beet puree. The earthiness of the beets and minerality of the fois gras found balance with the herbaceous dandelions and fennel. Chef Chase was bold in his presentation of Foie Gras, but by executing restraint he allowed the Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc from Concha Y Toro to be star of the course.

Bear Creek Farms is located just down the road from Frothy Monkey and was featured in the second course. Crispy Pork Belly with Roasted Melon Confit and Corn Anglaise was paired with the Carmaenere, Concha Y Tora Marques. At first, Kathryn and I were puzzled by Ingalls choice of melon for a fall dish. The fat of the pork with the melon tasted almost herbal. You can never go wrong with pork belly and corn, but melon? It wasn’t until the last bite that I had a moment of eureka. By combining the smokey richness of pork belly and the corn anglaise with the last taste of a season by-gone in the melon, Chase introduced a sense of reminisce.

Up next was a Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Stuffed Quail with Herbed Turnip Puree and Lemongrass-Basil Chimichurri. The basil and lemongrass were a nice touch to lead us into the fall season of quail and turnips. I tell ya, Chef has a thing for paying homage to the solstice transition. Justin Mathis of Horizon Spirits introduced the best wine pairing of the evening. He referred to the Chardonnay, Concha Y Toro Gran Reserva as the “Bad ass of the bad asses.” I tasted apples and very little oak which went perfect with the luscious quail breast.

The Cabernet Sauvignon, Concha Y Toro Marques is somewhat of the Choncha Family’s “Baby.” It certainly complemented the fourth course of Pomegranate-Braised Bison Short Ribs and Potato Lyonnaise with a Thyme Demi. Pomegranates are the Mack Daddy of fall and winter fruits. They can be stored for months which lend themselves to dishes wanting to show off during a season that is otherwise barren of fresh fruits. By now, dinner guests conversation filled the room. It tickled me to hear talk of the Franklin Farmers Market, greenhouses and supper clubs. With each clank of a wine glass being raised in a cheer, I was inspired by Frothy Monkey’s vision of community. With full bellies, Kathryn and I somehow could not stop eating those potatoes!

The dessert course of Chocolate Puff Pastry, Espresso and Almond Buttercream and Amaretto Cherries Tartare was lead baker, Jennifer Mello’s creation. It was paired with co-owner Jeff Gibb’s house made cola, fernet blanca ice cream and coffee. Frothy Monkey always has such a playful side. This course brought back childhood memories that made me smile. Chef Ingalls chuckled a bit as he said, “I didn’t do the desserts, that’s why they were the best.”

There are five partners in the Frothy Monkey family. Jeff Gibbs is all things coffee. Heather Southerland is in the front of the house with service. Chef Chase Ingalls is in the back of the house focusing on high quality food. Restaurant veteran Rich May rounds out the team by adding experience. Ryan Pruitt describes his role as “keeping the train on the tracks.” The whole team’s commitment to partnerships and relationships is a big reason why I love these folks. Frothy Monkey is way more than “Best Coffeehouse of Nashville 2013.” But don’t just take my word for it, go experience the difference for yourself!

Written by Melissa D. Corbin- Founder of Corbin In The Dell.

Frothy Monkey Exclusive Offering: The Award-Winning Mexico San Miguel

Posted by on October 3, 2013

frothy monkey logo-circlelogo

The country of Mexico has never been a player in the High-End Specialty Coffee world until recently. The perception of many in the industry is that Mexican coffee is mediocre, to say the least. This is not true by any means. There is huge potential in Mexican coffee and things will only get better. They have all the conditions for quality coffee: heirloom coffee varieties (Bourbon, Typica), great altitude (1200-1750masl), and passionate coffee growers who want to produce high quality microlots.

Mexico San Miguel is grown at a farm located in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. The biosphere is located in the highlands of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas and is one of the world’s most diverse forest reserves. This reserve contains Mesoamerica’s largest continuous cloud forest, and it serves as a refuge to thousands of plant and animal species. El Triunfo is a rare and valuable sanctuary that requires continued protection. All the coffee they produce is shade grown, and biological corridors are created in order to facilitate bird and animal migration.

This coffee is also part of our importing partner’s (Cafe Imports) traceable microlot program. Coffees are traceable to a single producer member of the cooperative. Cafe Imports and the cooperatives are working together in order to separate microlots and pay quality premiums to producers who produce stellar quality. Joaquin, a second generation coffee farmer, has had this San Miguel farm since 2001.

This coffee is roasted by our friends at Kaldi’s. They purchased and will be roasting this whole crop (just over 400 pounds) exclusively for Frothy Monkey. This is our first FM exclusive offering from them, and we think that’s pretty cool. We also think it’s pretty cool that we’ve been building a relationship with Kaldi’s for nearly a year. We thought this would be a great opportunity to pose a few questions to Kaldi’s owner, head roaster and Q grader, Tyler Zimmer.

We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of working together. How would you describe the first year of roasting coffee for FM?
This has been very exciting for us. Working with the great team at Frothy has been a very rewarding experience since they value the customer experience and coffee quality as much as we do. When those two things happen the coffee is taken to another level.

How often do you source and roast exclusive coffees such as this coffee for non-Kaldi’saccounts?
Very rarely. We noticed very early on that Frothy is very in tune with the industry and we wanted to add value to their coffee program. They understand the commitment to quality and sourcing so we thought this was a perfect chance to highlight a one of a kind coffee from a single producer in Mexico. Frothy is serving this one producer’s best coffee, the only place in the country to do so, all 400#. This also one of the best coffees from Mexico that we’ve ever tasted. It presented the perfect opportunity to do so.

How does the Nashville coffee scene compare to the St. Louis scene?
More similar all the time. There are new places opening all the time and people are focusing on quality more and more.

What is one of your favorite stories from your visits to nashville in the past year?
There are so many. It’s too hard to nail down to just one. The first trip definitely sticks out, it was the first time I go to meet the team. We had a great time discussing company and coffee philosophy and how we could work together. We ended the trip with a great night out, dinner and drinks at some of Nashville’s finest establishments.

On a more serious note, the first time I got to see the Franklin store after it opened…I had the best shot of espresso and cup of coffee in all of Nashville, seriously. It’s awesome for both companies to come together and make that happen!

Sunset Safari

Posted by on October 3, 2013

Safari 2013-17 S

Every year, the Nashville Zoo has a fund raiser, the Sunset Safari. The event gives adults (21+) an opportunity stroll through the zoo while partaking in Nashville’s most delicious food, drink and entertainment – all while benefiting the Nashville Zoo’s education and conservation programs! Frothy Monkey, Amerigo, Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish, Bound’ry, Edley’s, F. Scott’s, Kayne Prime, Olive & Sinclair, Silo, Virago, Tavern, Watermark, Whiskey Kitchen were just a few of the Nashville restaurants who offered up their products for this year’s event. The entertainment included reggae freestyle dance, Caribbean music with steel drums, contemporary dance, Flamenco dance, fire performances and more. And, of course, there are the varied and beautiful animals that call the Nashville Zoo home. Frothy Monkey was excited to be located beside  the new Kangaroo Kickabout! This is always a fun night out for those of you that like to eat, drink, be entertained, and support Nashville’s Zoo!

If you missed it this year, make sure  you plan to attend in 2014.

Rare and Notable Varietal: Panama Geisha

Posted by on October 2, 2013

First, a little background on the famous Geisha variety: an heirloom Ethiopian variety. Geisha changed the coffee world forever when it was rediscovered and commercially planted for the first time in the mid 2000s in Panama.

The Peterson family of the now famous La Esmeralda farm was the first family to plant the variety widely. Once the crop was large enough and tasted around the world, the coffee gained international fame.

Since the 2000s, the Geisha variety has slowly spread to many fincas (farms) in the Boquete region and around many of Central and South America’s top farms.

Our first Geisha from Panama comes from the famed Don Pepe Estate. The Don Pepe Estate is managed by 4th generation producer Jesus Antonio Vasquez. The finca is in the Volcancito area of Boquete, on the sides of the Baru Volcano.

We intend this to be the first in a new series of very limited, very special coffees. Each package will be individually numbered for this limited release coffee. We have 225 available 8oz bags of this coffee. Enjoy.

This coffee, roasted September 25th, is packaged inside a limited edition resealable can with an inner 8oz whole bean bag of Panama Geisha and individually numbered card. $54.99.

Blackberry Time in Tennessee

Posted by on August 14, 2013

Franklin’s favorite pick your own blackberry farm has partnered up with Frothy Monkey to offer fresh, local blackberries at all three of our locations throughout the summer. Look for these delicious berries in our food/drink specials and baked goods all summer long. Thank you Carol Warren and Dale Whitehead for taking a minute to answer a few questions.

 What’s the history of Boyd Mill Farm?

Boyd Mill Farm is named for the Boyd Mill, which for a century or so (circa1820) was a gathering place for the community on Saturday mornings. The ruins of the Boyd Mill are still visible in the river on the edge of the berry field. We at Boyd Mill Farm are striving to again make the farm a community gathering place, whether for the music at the Blackberry Jam Music Festival each June, or coming to pick berries and other fruit in July and August.

How long has BMF been growing blackberries?

Boyd Mill Farm has been growing berries for 12 years, and we have been open to the public for 10.

BMF took a hard hit in 2010’s flood. How have you bounced back from that? Is there anything you all have done differently moving forward from that disaster?

In May of 2010, the farm was almost done in by the flood waters. We had 8 feet of water roll through our valley, covering the plants, the farm equipment, vehicles, and putting 3 feet of water through the house. That first summer, we got about 50 gallons of berries from the blackberry plants. We lost many plants in the process. We started slowly rebuilding, inside and out, and we learned what it means to live in the Volunteer State! This summer (three seasons later) we will probably yield about 400 gallons. We are still not quite back to pre-flood standards but definitely moving in the right direction!

Since the flood we have streamlined our composting and care practices, and the plants have greatly benefited. Nothing artificial or chemical is used to grow our plants.

BMF seems to be selective in the restaurants they choose to partner with. Why is FM a good fit as a purveyor of your product?

We are very selective with how we choose and grow our plants, so we are also very selective with whom we partner in the community. Frothy Monkey has provided the perfect outlet- we are big fans of the restaurant and how they have embraced the local farms. We are all about shopping and eating local, and FM is a great example of that.

BMF just had its annual Blackberry Jam Music Festival. With this year having the biggest turnout to date. How do you all plan to keep the momentum and top yourself next year?

In the continuing effort to give back to the community, Boyd Mill Farm plays host each year to the Blackberry Jam Music Festival, always held the 4th Saturday of June. This was our 10th festival and the biggest one yet, with all proceeds going to Hard Bargain Association.  Frothy Monkey was a stage sponsor this year and one of many area businesses to contribute in large and small ways. This is truly a community event. As we move into our second decade, that is what we really want to continue. We hope to focus on local food, music and charities in an even bigger way, and we have BIG plans for the musical artists for next year!

What is your favorite use for BMF blackberries? Do you have any tips or recipes?

Boyd Mill Farm has many favorite recipes, but recently we’ve been partial to what we find on, because our berries are used in their test kitchen, located here in Franklin.

Every customer has their favorite cobbler recipe, but the best tip I can give is this: do not wash berries before freezing (makes them mushy,) and if you are storing for more than several days in the fridge, use a light vinegar wash: 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. It will preserve the berries for twice as long.

Carol Warren and Dale Whitehead

Boyd Mill Farm


Frothy Monkey