Coffee + Espresso + Bar Catering

Coffee + Espresso + Bar Catering

Interested in Coffee or Bar Catering at your event? Options range from batched coffee delivered for your conference or office meeting, or an espresso setup with barista service.

We offer espresso catering for private events. Pricing is subject to availability and may vary case by case; base pricing is as follows:

Espresso Catering Pricing | 50 people or fewer
up to 4 hours | all product | Trained Barista $450
Espresso Catering Pricing | 50 - 100 people
up to 4 hours | all product | 2 trained baristas |$750
Espresso Catering Pricing | Additional Charges
$2 per head over 100 people | 1.00 per mile over 25 miles | additional charge for Pour-Over Service

Drip coffee with accouterments starts at $2.50 per person.

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