Through the Trees

Bourbon + simple + lemon + black walnut bitters + soda (Birmingham)

GD Gin & Tonic

Broker’s gin + espresso + tonic + lime + grenadine & orange blossom simple

Grenada Cosmo

Cathead vodka + Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao + grenadine + lime

Autumn Sunset

Banhex Mezcal + China China + apple cider + lemon

Roman Holiday

Cathead Vodka + Meletti + espresso + honey simple

Paper Monkey

Four Roses bourbon + Aperol + Averna + banana + lemon


Available at our 12South location


Choose tequila or mezcal, Pierre Ferrand, orange liqueur, lime & sugar

Irish Coffee

Iced or hot. Jameson caskmates, Frothy Monkey coffee, brown sugar & unsweetened whipped cream*

FM Bloody Mary

Cathead vodka and Hoff’s Wake Up Call Sauce feat. Frothy Cold Brew, olive, house-pickled okra & cracked pepper