Gluten Free (gf) options

Gluten Free (gf) options

Breakfast + Brunch
Sandwiches / Salads
Shareables + Soup / Dinner
Kids / @Grimey’s Too
Gluten Free (gf) / Vegetarian

{Wine + Beer Love Dinners}


Here is what is available on our menu as gluten free or modified to be gluten free.  

{sub or side of gf bread = $3 for 2 slices}

frothy monkey • california without toast or sub for gf toast

plain jane • julie without bread or by subbing gf bread for bagel

parfait (without granola) • oatmeal

architect omelet • architect salad
all architect fillings/toppings are gf

sandwiches all are gf without bread or by subbing gf bread

quesadilla can be made as a gf panini

salads all are gf, all dressings are gf

hummus • salsa
artisan cheese plate & pimento cheese sub bagel chips for corn chips

pork and beans (without sauce)

trout • chicken • rolando • pot roast shrimp • mahi sub grits w/ quinoa, white bean cassoulet, or black beans

sausage burger without bread or by subbing gf bread


Frothy Monkey has a gluten free (gf) muffin option at every store daily (including Grimey’s Too) and often there are more options available, such as cookies and various other desserts. Items that are gluten free are labeled as (gf)

Gluten free bread is also available to sub on a sandwich or as toast.

First! We blend our own flour and make all of our (gf) goodies in house! This means that the items are made in a shared kitchen, so those with severe gluten allergies should take note.

Our (gf) flour is made from a blend of:
White Rice Flour
Brown Rice Flour
Potato Starch
Tapioca Starch

Our (gf) bread also contains:
dairy (milk and butter)

Our (gf) muffins contain:
dairy (sour cream and butter)

Frothy Monkey