More information on the BAKERY

More information on the BAKERY

Posted by on May 14, 2015

Your questions answered:

After we made the announcement that Frothy Monkey had bought Bella Bakery in East Nashville, we were flooded with questions, concerns and hopes from both fans of Frothy Monkey as well as fans and neighbors of Bella.  Now that we have had a couple of weeks for the flour to settle, we wanted to give you a bit more information about our plans. In a Q&A format, because that’s more fun.

Will the bakery at 1010 Fatherland be closing or moving?
No!  We will not be closing or moving the bakery.

Why Bella?
Frothy Monkey is made up of creative folks using quality ingredients (local whenever possible) to prepare original food served in an approachable atmosphere. We look for the best, and in our opinion, Bella bread is simply the best. When we learned that the bakery was for sale, we jumped at the chance to incorporate the bread into our sandwiches and other dishes in our restaurants as our own.

We started baking in house in 2011.  Our Downtown location was designed to house the bakery operation, but we have since outgrown that space. By purchasing Bella, we will be able to keep up with the growing demand for our retail and wholesale baked goods.

Why East Nashville?
Two of our owners have been East Nashville residents for nearly a decade. We are excited to run a bakery for our neighbors on the east side.

Are you changing the name?
Yes, the new name is ‘BAKERY by frothy monkey’.

What will happen to the bread?
The bread isn’t going anywhere <insert sigh of relief and praise hands here>. Our mission is to carry on Dave’s legacy of baking legendary local bread without change or interruption.  Good to know: Dave (Cuomo) is the prior owner of Bella Bakery.

But, where is Dave going?
Many of you have asked, “what happened to Dave” and “where is going?” Dave put the bakery up for sale to move to the West Coast to pursue other endeavors.  It’s actually a really cool story, and you should ask him about it sometime. We like having him around though, so he is sticking around at the bakery for a while, baking a little bread, and hanging out to make sure the transition goes smoothly. Be sure to stop by to wish Dave well and to meet the rest of our amazing staff.

Back to the bread, what type of bread are we talking about?
This is the good stuff.  Simple and rustic. It’s the type of bread that you go out of your way to find and that makes a meal special.

Will you be turning the shop into a regular Frothy Monkey?
Absolutely not. ‘BAKERY by frothy monkey’ is a traditional european style, neighborhood bakery. We will of course serve our coffee, but this is not a cafe where one could camp out and work.  We will be enlarging our baking area and tweaking the layout of the bakery to accommodate a walk up counter which will display all of our bread and pastries. We also have a few bakery focused breakfast and lunch items, some grab and go and some made to order. All items will be packaged to go.

Is Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. coffee available at the bakery?
Yes. Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. drip coffee is served by the cup or may be purchased by the bag to brew at home. We will eventually offer espresso drinks as well.

What else will you be changing?
We are expanding the bakery menu to include bread, breakfast buns, cookies, scones, muffins, cake and bakery focused breakfast and lunch items. The donut muffin is coming to East Nashville, so get ready!

We will continue to offer a bread CSA and subscription.  We will also be offering a cookie of the month subscription as well as coffee subscriptions.  Check our website for details.

Your hours have changed, is this permanent?
Our hours are currently Monday-Friday 7-3, Saturday 9-3, Sunday 10-3. These will expand soon- stay tuned!

Will we be able to find your bread and pastries anywhere else around town?
We will now be providing more baked goods to our stores as well as baking our own bread which will be used on all of our sandwiches and served with our salads and other menu items. We demand quality and we will have more control over the quality of the products we serve.

We will begin using our new bread for the sandwiches at Frothy Monkey locations in the next few weeks. It is difficult to communicate just how excited we are to take the Frothy Monkey sandwiches to a new level! We plan to have freshly baked baguettes and eventually other bread varieties available at our full service locations for sale on a daily basis. We will continue to serve pastries at all of our locations. And, because our bakers are some of the most creative people we know, expect some new varieties as we let them loose to experiment.

All of our bread and pastries are available for wholesale and can currently be found at various restaurants around Nashville. We also offer catering and special orders. Please contact for catering and wholesale information.

More information
Come on by and see us.  You can also visit our new website at for more information and follow us on instagram @frothymonkeybakery and twitter @fmbakery

Contact for press inquiries and for retail, wholesale and catering questions.

BAKERY by frothy monkey
1010 Fatherland St, Nashville, TN 37206

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