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One of our core values is Relationships, and this value manifests itself in many ways. It’s evident in the way we support each other while embracing unity, fun, and inclusiveness as a staff and in how we’re present in and for our neighborhoods, empowering and serving the community however we can. You can also see it in the way that we cultivate relationships with local producers to bring quality ingredients to our menu and in the way we support local makers.

You may have noticed recently that a new mural has gone up at our 12South location, and this message from done by local artist Bill Caywood exemplifies precisely what we mean when we say relationships matter to us. While art is often open to interpretation, ‘nashville looks good on you’ is his way of telling the community that this mission is not about him; you are the artists, and you have the power to create!

PC: Bill Caywood

Bill moved to Nashville in 2003 and since then he has created a home for himself both in the city and in its vibrant creative community. He’s been coming to Frothy Monkey 12south weekly for about 15 years, and in his words, “it really feels like family now”. Says Bill,

“I was going to all of these things around town with other artists and creatives, and I started noticing that Frothy Monkey was always a part of them in some way. That and the fact that the 12south store is a home away from home for me started connecting the dots on how and Frothy Monkey are the perfect alignment. Our mission is to cultivate the creative community with the belief that by emphasizing “value over profit” we’re fostering a culture of togetherness which accelerates innovation exponentially, increasing our ability to thrive and grow as individuals and as a community. To break that down, it basically means that we think that by bringing creatives together on more than just “a project”, the osmosis from constantly being around forward-thinking people will keep your mind sharp, challenged, and driven. The goal is to share what we know and brainstorm together because if we surround ourselves with other dreamers (people who love to explore the possibilities) we can speed up the rate in which we produce world changing ideas. And solve problems.”

Here at Frothy Monkey we believe that relationships matter, and we are all about any way that we can join forces with others who are committed to changing our community for the better through creativity and unity. Like our friends at say, “it’s a mindset and belief that if you can view the world differently – you can be the one to change it”.

nash?? - nashville looks good on you

If you haven’t been yet, that spiffy new mural behind our 12south shop highlights the good vibes and unity we all know and love here in Nashville, and it’s just waiting on you to come by and say hello. We will also have some fun products {posters + hats + mugs, oh my!} available in the shop {12south location only} while supplies last, so stop by to grab some swag or strike a pose with the mural, then share it with us by using some of these tags {#nashvillelooksgoodonyou #nashvillemurals #nashtn #frothylove} and remind yourself that Nashville DOES look good on you, but also, you are what makes Nashville good.

photography: @shotbyrobbie & @bryanfayphoto
models: @laceycortez & @asheira


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