Nicaragua La Mercedes

Nicaragua La Mercedes


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“Tropical Fruit Symphony”, as the husband-and-wife farming team of Roger & Isabel call this coffee, is exactly that: a beautiful array of fruit-forward, tropical notes, like kiwi, cantaloupe and honeydew melon, macadamia nut and honey. It's full-bodied and bright, and the fragrance of the ground coffee is intoxicating.

Roger and his wife Isabel could talk with you about coffee for days. Their farm is located near the Arenal Nature Reserve. Don Roger has a degree in agronomy, and he loves sharing technical knowledge and
tips with visiting roasters. Several years ago, Don Roger planted a grove of Pache seeds from Guatemala, which he thinks are a cross between Caturra and another Pache variety. This coffee won awards based on cup quality and sustainability practices.

The farm has access to fresh water with a stream that begins on the family’s property, allowing clean spring water for washing coffee and for sharing with the community. They also have a special system of PVC tubing with tiny perforations underneath the groves of trees prevents runoff from washing coffee from polluting streams. They make sure to ensure the best for the processing of their crops.

Their Tropical Fruit Symphony (called “tutty fruity” lovingly by Dona Isabel) consistently produces notes of mango, pineapple, guava, and honey.


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What is Single Origin Coffee? Unlike coffee blends, Single Origin Coffee has a single geographic origin. This could be a single farm or a single country. For the majority of these coffees we will have a direct relationship with the farmer who grows it. Because coffee is a crop, harvesting is seasonal and the timing is specific to each region, our selection of single origin coffees will vary throughout the year.

To make it extra special, we commissioned local artist, Alicia Binkley of Monkey Ink Design to illustrate our Single Origin labels. Enjoy!

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