Q & A with winemaker Thibault Poisson

Q & A with winemaker Thibault Poisson

Posted by on August 11, 2014

After our French Love Wine dinner we caught up with Thibault Poisson for some Q & A

1.  How many wine dinners do you think you have been a part of?  What made Frothy Monkey’s different?
I participate to more or less 2 dozen wine dinners as the speaker. I enjoyed that the fact everybody were sharing the same table. Usually group are in individual tables. I think this is also very good that the chef has been able to introduce himself.

2.  Which course during the French Wine Love dinner was the best paring?
I really enjoy pairing for courses 3 and 5. Everything paired well but those 2 were my favorites.

Course three was Pan Seared Gulf Grouper and Bacon Wrapped Hominy Croquette with Charred Scallion and Sweet Onion Puree. Pairing: Château Nozières Cuvée Ambroise De L’Her Malbec Cahors
Course five was Caramelized Apricot Pudding with Macerated Black Berries, Hazelnut Crunch and Basil Syrup. Pairing: Domaine Du Petit Coteau Vouvray Moelleux “L’Ètoile”

3.  What is different about the way America approaches food and wine compared to France?
In France, wine drinker are usually more curious to discover new wines rather than in France where people already have an idea of what they like or not.
I think real wine drinker in the US known more about wines than French.
Regarding food and wine, we drink wine at the table in France and I do not really think people are looking for perfect pairing. I do. I have over 100 different wines in my cellar and I like the diversity and always try to pull the one that will pair perfectly well.

4.  Did you get to experience very much of Nashville?  What is your favorite Nashville experience?
Last year I went to see Alabama Shake in an open scene. It was really great. I do not remember the place name.

5.  What is your favorite holiday spot in France?
Tough question. I have several.
–          Sailing in Bretanny with friends
–          Walking in the mountain (Pyrenee) with family
–          Atlantic ocean in the “Landes” and or “basque Country”
–          Skying in the Alpes
–          Going to Normandy where I grown up


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