Rare and Notable Varietal: Panama Geisha

Rare and Notable Varietal: Panama Geisha

Posted by on October 2, 2013

First, a little background on the famous Geisha variety: an heirloom Ethiopian variety. Geisha changed the coffee world forever when it was rediscovered and commercially planted for the first time in the mid 2000s in Panama.

The Peterson family of the now famous La Esmeralda farm was the first family to plant the variety widely. Once the crop was large enough and tasted around the world, the coffee gained international fame.

Since the 2000s, the Geisha variety has slowly spread to many fincas (farms) in the Boquete region and around many of Central and South America’s top farms.

Our first Geisha from Panama comes from the famed Don Pepe Estate. The Don Pepe Estate is managed by 4th generation producer Jesus Antonio Vasquez. The finca is in the Volcancito area of Boquete, on the sides of the Baru Volcano.

We intend this to be the first in a new series of very limited, very special coffees. Each package will be individually numbered for this limited release coffee. We have 225 available 8oz bags of this coffee. Enjoy.

This coffee, roasted September 25th, is packaged inside a limited edition resealable can with an inner 8oz whole bean bag of Panama Geisha and individually numbered card. $54.99.

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