Frothy Monkey is REAL Certified

Frothy Monkey is REAL Certified

Posted by on April 3, 2014

Frothy Monkey is proud to announce that we have been designated REAL Certified by The United States Healthful Food Council.  We do it for YOU and that’s what makes this such a big deal.  To explain what this all means, here are a few words from Kristen Korzenowski of Eat REAL Tennessee…


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Beyond its appeal as a popular coffee shop, The Frothy Monkey is cooking up a wide range of better-for-you foods, using ingredients directly from local farmers. In fact, The Frothy Monkey is among the very first establishments in Nashville to earn REAL Certification, the only national nutrition and sustainability best practices program.

Eat REAL Tennessee launched in Nashville in late 2013 as part of a statewide initiative aimed to reduce obesity and diabetes. Through Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership (REAL) Certification, the program supports and recognizes foodservice establishments that follow nutrition and sustainability best practices.

With backing from a Tennessee Department of Health grant, an Eat REAL representative meets with chefs and restaurateurs to review menus and the benefits of participating in the program.  Registered Dietitians then evaluate each establishment across a range of nutrition and sustainability criteria, and only those that pass the requirements are designated as REAL Certified for their best practices.

Upon evaluating The Frothy Monkey as a REAL Certification candidate, here’s what one of our Eat REAL Registered Dietitians noted about their healthful offerings:

  • Healthy substitutions are available, such as egg whites in omelets and fruit or salad in place of chips with sandwich options.
  • The “build your own salad” options allow consumers to experiment with various fruits and vegetables, topping them off with made-from-scratch dressings.
  • There are NO soda fountains and NO deep fryers.
  • The establishments clearly cater to vegans, vegetarians and others with special dietary needs.
  • Some items are available in multiple portion sizes, such as soups, salads and beverages, allowing consumers to opt for smaller portions.
  • Water is available for customers to freely access.
  • Healthful, plant-based oils such as extra virgin olive oil, canola oil and grapeseed oil are used in cooking.

Some of the key performance indicators listed above, among others, showed us that The Frothy Monkey is going above and beyond to promote healthy eating habits. Sure, the ambiance is on point and the food is delicious, but layers beneath that, the food is also prepared and thought-out in a way that has the health of The Frothy Monkey customer in mind.

Queue the sustainability component of REAL Certification. Tell us, how often do you hear the words LOCAL, FRESH, or SEASONAL when reading up on a restaurant? We’re hearing these words more often as the trend toward sustainable food continues to draw attention. REAL Certification serves to verify which establishments actually ARE incorporating these claims into their practices. We can tell you that The Frothy Monkey sources much of their dairy, coffee, meat, seafood, eggs and produce from local farmers such as Willow Farms, Bloomsbury Farm, Bear Creek Farm and Bob White Springs. Their menus feature seasonal items such as Roasted Butternut Squash, Beet Salad and Lamb Porterhouse with Seasonal Veggies. With rotating specials menus and a sourcing model built around relationships with local purveyors, we can tell you that The Frothy Monkey truly IS a supporter of sustainable foods.

We’re proud to officially acknowledge The Frothy Monkey as REAL Certified for all they do to help our community live and eat healthier. We’d like to give a shout out to Chef Chase Ingalls and team for their exceptional work in the realms of health and sustainability. For all those who already love The Frothy Monkey, hopefully this gives you yet another reason to support this beloved Nashville coffee shop. I mean, wherever else could you order a “Larry” on multi-grain with a side of fruit?

Kristen Korzenowski

Eat REAL Tennessee Project Manager

The United States Healthful Food Council


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