Spring/Summer 2018 Seasonal Drinks

Spring/Summer 2018 Seasonal Drinks

Posted by on March 28, 2018


Our new seasonal drink menu has something for everyone! Hot or iced, espresso-based or a steamer, you’re bound to find your new favorite this Spring.

the heartbeet
With beets that aid in detoxification and just enough ginger to wake you up, this steamer is a great way to start your morning off on a bright (PINK!) foot. Try it with espresso if you need that extra pep in your step.
steamed milk, house-made beet + ginger + cocoa sauce {add espresso for $1}
CREATED BY: Jenna Sanders

havana latte
Based on a Spanish pudding called ‘Natilla’, Scott made this latte in honor of his grandmother’s dessert. It’s a sweet and creamy latte with subtle star anise and cinnamon flavors. (please note that due to the ingredients in the pre-made sauce, this latte cannot be made dairy-free)
steamed milk, espresso, house-made condensed milk + vanilla + star anise + cinnamon sauce
CREATED BY: Scott Perez – Franklin

garden party latte
Imagine sitting in a beautiful garden sipping a comforting tea and chatting with your friends while the birds chirp and clouds float overhead; now you know what it’s like to drink this new latte.
steamed milk, espresso, house-made earl grey syrup + house-made caramel
CREATED BY: Alissa Lindemann- Nations

southern blues
Chase your blues away with this drink and its nod to blueberry picking in a hot southern summer. Served chilled, it’s just right for a summer evening porch hang!
shaken espresso, house-made blueberry + basil syrup {3oz chilled}
CREATED BY: Dani Andrews – Chattanooga

sparkling raspberry matcha
Back by popular demand, this favorite from last summer is just sweet enough to feel like an afternoon treat while also packing a bit of natural caffeine from its matcha base and a refreshing sparkling finish. Add gin to create the happy hour drink dreams are made of!
firepot amai matcha + lemon juice, house-made raspberry syrup, sparkling
CREATED BY: Scott Perez – Franklin

If cocktails are more your speed, we’re also excited about these new creations and tried-and-true classics with a twist! 

{fm bloody mary}
With Brunch daily until 5pm we absolutely recommend adding one of these delicious treats to your meal. Not only does it have our house-made cold brew in the recipe, but we also shake in a healthy dose of our favorite hot sauce. Love it and want to recreate it at home? Buy a bottle of Hoff’s to take with you when you go!
Cathead vodka + Hoff sauce + FM cold brew + olive + celery + okra + cracked pepper

Cathead honeysuckle vodka + Giffard Pamplemousse + grapefruit + lemon

{irish coffee}
Jameson Caskmates + FM coffee + brown sugar + unsweetened whipped cream

{slow train}
Bulleit Bourbon + China China + Carpano Antica + Suze + Angostura + lemon + orange
CREATED BY: Stephanie Hobbs

{rosemary whisky smash}
Our friends at Belle Mead Bourbon really know what they’re doing, and when you combine it with our house-made rosemary simple syrup (and a few other delicious necessities) you end up with a flavorful drink that’s sure to please.
Belle Mead Bourbon + lemon + mint + rosemary simple

{sunset sangria}
You know we have multiple locations with porches, right {Franklin, 12South, Nations, Chattanooga}? Then why on earth are you not on one of them with this drink in your hand already?! Just the right mixture of sweet and tart, you won’t regret waiting for the sunset with one of these.
sparkling rosé + Pamplemousse + pomegranate + sugar + blood orange

{the bittersweet buzz}
This drink features the only mead distributor in the state of Tennessee and it’s as delicious as it is rare!    
espresso + averna + Trazo mead + sugar + orange bitters + orange
CREATED BY: Julia Freemont

Light and refreshing, you really can’t go wrong with this classic cocktail.
tequila + Pierre Ferrand + orange liqueur + lime

{a peach of spice}
mezcal + habanero + peach + sugar + lime

{by any other name}
Hendrick’s Gin + rose + sugar + lime + strawberry
CREATED BY: Ellie Stevens – Chattanooga

{hemingway daiquiri}
rum + Luxardo + lime + grapefruit + sugar

{chicory old fashioned}
rye + Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur + chocolate bitters + sugar


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