We’re Almost There!

We’re Almost There!

Posted by on December 2, 2012

So, we hung a banner on the front porch of the Frothy Monkey Franklin location in August which simply says ?It’s True. Terribly clever of us, no? Well, it’s now December and we’re still trying to open our doors for business.

Seriously, folks, it IS true and we ARE close to being open for you! We’ve encountered any number of unexpected challenges during our conversion of the property. Perhaps these challenges should not have been so unexpected when dealing with a literally 101 year old building! We do consider ourselves fortunate to be opening up our second Frothy Monkey in such a historic space conversion is just taking more time than we planned.

It’ll be worth the wait, though we promise.

The building (originally constructed as the manse of the Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church) has so many vintage, unique, and waaay cool design elements and architectural features, we can’t wait to show it off. We’ve worked diligently to maintain and preserve the antique beams, trim, and fixtures wherever possible. The big tables in the large upstairs room, for example, are actually the original ten foot pocket doors from the formal dining room. Current fire codes preclude their use for their original purposes, but we just couldn’t throw them away. They are BEAUTIFUL and make a great contribution to the historic feel of the space.

When you finally visit Frothy Monkey for the first time, be sure take note of the brick fireplaces, several of which had been covered with plaster over the years; original hardwood floors, reclaimed windows and trim; even the beautiful stonework under the front porches, which large shrubs had previously concealed! You’ll find the seating counters on the outdoor railings were constructed of original pine from the building’s interior, and century-old ceiling joists (we’ll leave some of them exposed to give a glimpse into early 20th century construction methods.) Trust us, folks, they don’t build ’em like this anymore! All of these discoveries are fascinating, historic, and oh-so-Frothy Monkey. We couldn’t have found a better location. And we can’t WAIT to share the beauty and history of this building with you!

And we’re equally as anxious to introduce you to some expanded menu offerings, including a new and exciting bar and beverage list, in addition to the traditional Frothy favorites you know and love!

So, give us another few days to slap the last coats of paint on everything and we’ll be ready to rock. ALL FOR YOU.

Can’t wait to see you, from all of us at Frothy Monkey!

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