What a month!

What a month!

Posted by on January 30, 2013

We do this for you and we are flattered to have had such a wonderful response to our new downtown Franklin location. Below are just some of the words of support we have received since we opened. Thank you!


@brettbrandewie: I go to @frothymonkey just to see this guy. Well, and the fact that their food and coffee is ridiculously good http://instagr.am/p/VDBuUbgtno/

@BillStiles: @FrothyMonkey Franklin this am. Had the Bob with bacon and eggs. Way to go Bob.

@SappDaddy: Finally made it out to @FrothyMonkey Franklin. Such a great establishment. Can always count on a welcoming staff and culture.

@CMoTN: Had dinner for first time at @FrothyMonkey Franklin tonight. Vegetarian dish was tremendous!

@ChrisThomas: I’m watching people walk by @FrothyMonkey Franklin into Starbucks and shaking my head. They need their eyes opened.

@NashLifestyles: RT @dwtnfranklintn@NashLifestyles mentioned Downtown#Franklin‘s @frothymonkey in its latest round-up of the best…http://fb.me/2gcsjg5TO

@dandrewsmd: @FrothyMonkey So glad you are in Franklin. Great service & hands down the best latte around.

@mdpAllan: I know the coffee is great @FrothyMonkey Franklin but I need to stop by in the evening sometime for a cold beer!

@kylemburnside: I will absolutely bottle-feed my child Kaldi’s coffee from@FrothyMonkey someday.

@alliechays: First time at @frothymonkey Franklin. Definitely lives up to the hype. #happyplace http://instagr.am/p/Ut7A6TowT_/

@FindingFavour: @frothymonkey in Franklin, TN. Good to your soul.http://instagr.am/p/Umma-1OmG3/

@bestillalready: Got to check out @FrothyMonkey Franklin tonight! Such a nice place.

@jaimejamgochian: The new @frothymonkey coffee shop in Franklin is fantastic!:) Saw so many creative types/speakers/musician friends there. So fun!

@myredandblue: Just had the best Philly cheesesteak at @frothymonkey. Also, walked out wearing a FM hoodie. Repppppin’ it.

@SheliaMullican: Helped inaugurate the Prosecco tap at @FrothyMonkey today at lunch. Yummy!! Welcome to Franklin, friends.

@colelasater: @FrothyMonkey found the new best place in Franklin! Love the coffee and breakfast. Looking forward to experiencing lunch and dinner!!

@frankmcginty: Kombucha on tap @FrothyMonkey in Franklin, TN! Someone in #STL needs to do this!! http://lockerz.com/s/275687261

@sethabrammusic: If you’ve not yet visited the new @FrothyMonkey in Franklin YOU MUST. It’s the most happenin’ place to be in Tennessee.

@DJChrisStep: Thank you @FrothyMonkey for making a Downtown Franklin location – you bring the babes, and you bring the brew and for that I am grateful!

@markus_hwang: The @FrothyMonkey in Franklin isn’t messing around.

@olivesinclair: @mrslaurenbrady @FrothyMonkey @TheMattBrady We are loving the Frothy Monkey Downtown Franklin! Another GREAT place to buy some O&S too!!!

@markhiram: Congrats @FrothyMonkey for a HUGE 1st day!

@scottgreenwood: Day 1 and @FrothyMonkey in #FranklinTN is rockin. Excited for these folks! Go check them out pic.twitter.com/Ai0BmtLV



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