Slip & Slide Summer Blend

The Taste of Summer!

We’re thrilled to introduce our new summer sensation, Slip & Slide Summer Blend! While focused on creating a taste profile that was “juicy & refreshing”, we crafted this blend from two different Ethiopian coffees: a fruity naturally processed Sidama Ardi, along with a bright washed Limu Gera. The result is an invigorating hot cup of coffee for your clear summer mornings, but it’s also a crisp, cool treat when you splash it over ice during sunny fun-filled days in the backyard. With sweet melon and smooth white tea notes throughout, along with a blueberry and citrus punch, it’s a thirst-quenching and delightful brew!

Slide on in, for a limited time!

$19 / 12oz Whole Bean Coffee

$5 flat rate shipping is available and orders over $45 ship free

The team at Frothy Monkey Roasting Co will never pass up a good time! We built a giant slip and slide to celebrate the release of our newest summer blend. Enjoy this promo video for Slip & Slide Summer Blend!

Slip & Slide Summer Playlist

We’re not just supplying you with the Taste of Summer, we’re also giving you the tunes to go with it! Stay cool, y’all!

Frothy Monkey Brew Guides

Slip & Slide Summer Blend tastes delicious brewed hot OR cold! Try it for yourself using one of Frothy Monkey’s brew guides here.

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