About our {next} home in The Nations

We are looking forward to being a part of The Nations neighborhood! Plans are underway to renovate the space in the Stocking 51 building next to what has become Nicky’s Coal Fired– a location that was chosen in late 2016 and made official on February 1st. Construction is set to begin soon. {Read our official announcement here.}

Just over 3500 sq ft. of the building will be renovated to hold roughly 124 seats. The space is designed to serve a wide variety of customers. From the families that come in for brunch, to an ideal date spot, to the perfect place to sit and work or have a business meeting, or grab a drink after work, our goal is to create a place where everyone feels welcome. It will be a mix of seating including tables, booths, bar seating, community tables. 

We’ll keep you posted on our progress! Here is a preview of our new space…

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