El Salvador La Cumbre Pacamara Natural Coffee

At first sip, a cup of this Pacamara hits you with the crisp, bright malic acidity of a fuji apple. Then, it deepens into rich dark cherry and sweet brownie notes, leaving you with a complex and adventurous coffee experience.

Sourced from the same farm as our El Salvador Red Bourbon, Finca La Cumbre, this coffee is carefully hand-picked and processed naturally, giving it resounding fruit flavors and exciting levels of depth and body. You might notice larger, less-dense beans than you’re used to. These are indicative of the Pacamara variety. Big and hollow, but full of flavor!

Emilio López Díaz and family

Finca La Cumbre comes from the highest portion of Emilio López Díaz’s family farm, El Manzano. They’re at the forefront of experimenting with new processes and cultivars in El Salvador, and we’re so honored to be able to roast this extraordinarily clean red bourbon for you!