El Salvador La Esperanza Single Origin Coffee

Café Pacas has been working Finca La Esperanza since November 2010. This is a big, beautiful farm that produces exceptional quality coffee. Finca La Esperanza is located in Cantón El Porvenir, Municipio de Chalchuapa, Santa Ana. The farm begins at 1,000 masl and goes all the way up to 1,750 masl.

Since 2012, this farm has been in a process of being totally renovated. The original trees were very old, making their root system inefficient and weak.

Currently, 70% of the farm has been replanted with the following varietals: Pacas, Red Bourbon, Pacamara, Orange Bourbon, Kenya, Bernardina, Heirloom and Mokka. Trees of Kenya’s variety grow healthier in the heights, which is why in 2013, they planted 425 strains of this Kenya variety on the farm.

The process for preparing these coffee cherries begins with careful hand-picking at the farm. Any underripe, dry, or green cherries are removed from the batch. The cherries are then transported to their mill, Vivagua, where they are spread out on raised beds under shade to dry. To ensure the coffee dries evenly, the layers of cherries are moved 5-8 times each day.

At night, the coffee is piled up into small batches and covered with yute bags to protect it from dew or unexpected rain. The humidity of the coffee is monitored daily, and once it reaches 12%, the coffee is packed into yute bags and stored in the warehouse in a designated location to maintain traceability. The dried cherries remain in the warehouse until they are ready to be dry milled and exported. The total drying time for the coffee is 25-30 days.

Café Pacas is dedicated to making a positive impact on society. Since 2012, the company has implemented a social responsibility strategy that includes offering wellness workshops to its employees. The company has also partnered with the non-profit organization FUNPRES to further strengthen its impact in the communities surrounding its farms and mill. These programs prioritize the well-being of the employees, providing them with tools to support their overall wellness as well as individual psychotherapy sessions if needed. The company recognizes that its employees are the most important part of the business, and their socio-emotional well-being is a top priority.

El Salvador La Esperanza is a delightfully crisp coffee from Cafe Pacas. The Pacas family produces some of the best coffees coming out of El Salvador. We love buying from them because of their commitment to the coffee, but also, they are committed to taking care of their workers and the environment.