Frothy Monkey Cold Brew Available in 12oz Cans

While some folks were perfecting their homemade sourdough in 2020, we were obsessing over cold brew. Our Frothy Monkey Roasting Co team has worked so hard to bring you what in our opinion is the best cold brew out there, in convenient 12oz cans. It is the only Cold Brew that is roasted, brewed, and canned right here in Nashville, TN (in 37210 and 37203 to be exact)!

A great grab-and-go option for a quick already brewed caffeine fix. It is natural, sugar-free, low calorie, and plant-based, and is vegan, vegetarian, keto, and paleo-friendly. A fantastic and refreshing non-alcoholic, preservative-free, energy drink alternative.

You can find Frothy Cold Brew Coffee at all Frothy locations as well as area convenience stores, liquor stores, and grocery outlets including @TheTurnipTruck, @EandRoseWellness, 4 Stop Market, @RedDogWine, and Middle Tennessee @KrogerCo stores with more being added every day!

Click here for more in-depth information and the story behind Frothy Monkey Cold Brew Coffee! #coldbrew #coffee #nashvillecoffee