Colombia Monserrate + Burundi Kirema Single Origin Coffees

Unlike coffee blends, Single Origin Coffee has a single geographic origin. This could be a single farm or a single country. For the majority of these coffees we will have a direct relationship with the farmer who grows it. Because coffee is a crop, harvesting is seasonal and the timing is specific to each region, our selection of single origin coffees will vary throughout the year.

To make it extra special, we commissioned local artist, Alicia Binkley of Monkey Ink Design to illustrate our Single Origin labels.

Current varieties (check our locations for availability):

Burundi Kirema
VARIETY: Bourbon, Jackson, Mirbirzi
ALTITUDE: 1880 m
PROCESSING: washed, sun dried on raised beds
REGION: Kayanza
DESCRIPTION: Complex with notes of kiwi, lime, raspberry, and caramel

Colombia Monserrate
VARIETY: Javanica
ALTITUDE: 1700 m
PROCESSING: washed, sun dried
REGION: Monserrate, Huila
DESCRIPTION: Caramel, green apple, chocolate and raspberry

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