El Salvador: Bernardina Honey Anaerobic Roaster Series Coffee #7


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We’re excited to feature this rare variety from the Pacas Family of El Salvador once again. This time with an innovative process that accentuates its already unique flavor quality. The variety was formally discovered in 2013, all thanks to Los Bellotos Farm Manager, Ruperto Bernardino Merche, who noticed a small plot of trees were producing intensely sweet, distinct cherries.
We love this coffee for its unique flavor profile and overall complexity. We taste notes of fresh mango, along with the comforting sweetness and aroma of ginger snap cookies. The lingering finish is mildly boozy with notes of lemon, reminiscent of a hot toddy.

We’re delighted to share this coffee with you!

To provide you with the freshest product, all coffee is sold as Whole Bean. If you would like your coffee ground please let us know in your order notes.

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