Ethiopia Hamed Awol

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Our newest single origin comes from the famed Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. It’s a country of origin known for intense floral and tropical fruit notes. This lot by Hamed Awol is unique because he inoculated yeast into the coffee during post-harvest processing. After 72 hours of fermentation with the yeast mixture, the coffee was washed and transferred onto raised beds for even drying.

Due to the processing, we were struck by the unique and complex notes this coffee presented to us. We taste the juiciness of white grapes with the tannic finish of a Sauvignon Blanc. We experienced earthy green tea undertones, and a sweetness reminding us of apricot jam. This coffee is a wild adventure that we’re stoked to partake in!

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  • Medium Roast


  • Tea-Like


  • Tannic

Flavor Profile

  • Apricot Jam
  • Green Tea
  • White Grape

Few coffee-growing regions are as renowned as Yirgacheffe in southern Ethiopia. This coffee from Hamed Awol adds to that legacy by innovating with a controlled fermenting process. Using a process called yeast inoculation, the coffee cherries receive minimal water during the pulping process, and during removal of the skin and pulp. The goal is to leave as much food as possible for the yeast.

After the pulping, the seeds are stored in a fermentation tank. They add yeast specifically designed for coffee called LALCAFÉ INTENSO™. This yeast has been characterized and selected for its ability to enhance coffee’s fruit character by releasing stone fruit, citrus, and floral notes as well as its ability to enhance mouthfeel in the final cup.

The ability to control the fermentation helps reduce the chance of potential negative traits created during spontaneous fermentations in standard processing. They add 1 kg of yeast for every 160 kg of green coffee into the tank during the fermentation process. After 72 hours of fermentation, the beans are washed gently with minimal water and sent to the drying beds until the target moisture content is reached.

What is Single Origin Coffee? Unlike coffee blends, Single Origin Coffee has a single geographic origin. This could be a single farm or a single country. For the majority of these coffees, we will have a direct relationship with the farmer who grows them. Because coffee is a crop, harvesting is seasonal and the timing is specific to each region, our selection of single-origin coffees will vary throughout the year.

To make it extra special, we commissioned local artist, Alicia Binkley of Monkey Ink Design to illustrate our Single Origin labels. Enjoy!

To provide you with the freshest product, this coffee is sold as Whole Bean. If you would like your coffee ground please let us know in your order notes.


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