Peru Nicolas Chilcon

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Peru Nicolas Chilcon represents our first single-origin release, sourced in collaboration with Atlantic Specialty Importers. Produced by smallholder farmer Nicolas on his 1-hectare farm, El Encanto, in Northern Peru’s Cajamarca region, this coffee showcases the area’s renowned sweet profiles, characterized by flavors of caramel and cacao.

The high-altitude environment of Cajamarca, nestled within the Andean mountain range, provides optimal conditions for coffee cultivation. We’re delighted to present this crowd-pleasing microlot, offering deep chocolate and caramel notes akin to Rolo candy, complemented by meringue sweetness and subtle cherry acidity, representing the exceptional quality of coffees from one of the world’s most biodiverse coffee-producing countries.


  • Medium Roast


  • Balanced


  • Crisp
  • Juicy

Flavor Profile

  • Cherry
  • Meringue
  • Rolo Candy

Peru Nicolas Chilcon is our first of two single-origin releases sourced with our friends at Atlantic Specialty Importers. Nicolas’s farm, El Encanto, is very small, measuring only 1 hectare. He is one of many smallholder producers in the Cajamarca growing region of Northern Peru. He is proud to be a farmer and to be able to provide for his family by doing something he loves.

Cajamarca, the former home to the Incas, is completely engulfed by the Andean mountain range. This high-altitude environment offers splendid breeding grounds for growing coffee. The region is regarded for producing deep, sweet profiles with thick bodies and flavors of caramel and cacao.

We found this microlot to be particularly crowd-pleasing and a great showcase of the quality of coffees from the Cajamarca region. We taste deep chocolate and caramel notes reminiscent of Rolo candy, along with the delicate sweetness of meringue and subtle acidity of ripe cherries. We’re excited to feature a coffee from one of the most biodiverse coffee-producing countries in the world.

What is Single Origin Coffee? Unlike coffee blends, Single Origin Coffee has a single geographic origin. This could be a single farm or a single country. For the majority of these coffees, we will have a direct relationship with the farmer who grows them. Because coffee is a crop, harvesting is seasonal and the timing is specific to each region, our selection of single-origin coffees will vary throughout the year.

To make it extra special, we commissioned local artist, Alicia Binkley of Monkey Ink Design to illustrate our Single Origin labels. Enjoy!

To provide you with the freshest product, all coffee is sold as Whole Bean by default. If you would like your coffee ground please select from the dropdown.

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