Limited Edition Coffee: Los Bellotos Bernardina

Limited Edition Coffee: Los Bellotos Bernardina


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Los Bellotos Bernardina 

The most unique and exciting coffee we’ve ever had the privilege to roast

Los Bellotos Bernardina comes from the famed Pacas family of El Salvador. They have a knack for discovering new varieties of coffee: Maria Paca’s great grandfather, Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa, discovered the renowned Pacas coffee variety on Finca San Rafael in 1945. The Pacas family has continued this tradition of specialty coffee breakthroughs by dedicating a portion of their farm to varieties not typically found in El Salvador. Read more about the coffee here.

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Coffee Talk: Why this coffee is so special

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Los Bellotos Bernardina Brew Guide

This coffee is fantastic brewed with various brew methods using a 1:16 coffee to water ratio. You can find Frothy Monkey’s brew guides here.

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