Fall and Winter Seasonal Drinks at Frothy Monkey 2023

We haven’t felt a chill in the air just yet, but boy are we ready for it! Frothy Monkey’s fall and winter seasonal drinks are coming to your favorite cafe soon. This year’s drink competition at Frothy Monkey Roasting Co brought some great entries, but only three could be chosen for the Fall and Winter seasonal drink menu. 

There were 14 entries this year with warm flavors like cayenne, chocolate, cinnamon, apple, cardamom, and more. We had competitors from Frothy Monkey in Franklin, Chattanooga, and Nashville. Ultimately, the judges could only choose three to make the menu!

These three winners will be featured on the fall and winter seasonal drinks menu until spring, while one Rotating Seasonal Drink will change every two months. 

So, here’s to bringing out your favorite sweaters, dusting off your boots, and bringing on the cozy vibes!

First up we have…

“Here’s Johnny” 

This drink is a warm, ginger and cardamom infused apple cider. The levity and spice of the ginger and cardamom balance the sweet apple flavor for a refreshing, yet cozy sip. ‘Here’s Johnny’ was created by our lead barista at Frothy Monkey in Downtown Franklin, TN, Jeff Duke. 

"Here's Johnny" fall and winter seasonal spiced apple cider on a table with some ingredients including cardamom pods, ginger root, and apples.
Fall + Winter Seasonal Drink “Here’s Jonny” spiced apple cider created by Jeff Duke.

One of our judges, Tabitha Tune, from our drink competition says, “This is such a good substitute for when you don’t want a caffeine jolt but still want that comforting, warm drink. I think it’s going to be on my personal rotation when it gets cooler outside.”

“The Hound Dog” 

Next we have a peanut butter lover’s dream!

A luscious peanut butter, banana, and honey latte inspired by a Tennessee king, Elvis Presley! Indulge is a sweet, but balanced latte that is giving “Nutter Butter” vibes. This drink was created by Hannah Couch and Chuck Blair from Frothy Monkey in Southside Chattanooga. 

"The Hound Dog" fall and winter seasonal latte on a table with some ingredients including bananas, honey, and peanut butter.
Fall + Winter Seasonal Drink “The Hound Dog” by Hanna Couch and Chuck Blair.

Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. Director of Coffee Ryan Bledsoe says, “This drink felt like enjoying a Nutter Butter ice cream with a good cup of coffee. “

Lastly, we have…

“Like Butta”

Reminiscent of the Werther’s candy your grandma pulled from their purse, this latte has notes of pecan, butter toffee, and vanilla for a nostalgic latte treat. This latte was created by Vanessa Brown a.k.a. Judy Markowitz from Queens from Frothy Monkey in Downtown Franklin.

"Like Butta" fall and winter seasonal latte on a table with some ingredients including butter, pecans and vanilla bean pods.
Fall + Winter Seasonal Drink “Like Butta” Latte by Vanessa Brown.

“Pumpkin Spice Latte”

For the first time ever, Frothy Monkey has a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Available at all locations, and a perfect sip for your fall activities. Be sure to check out the 12South Pumpkin patch next to our cafe or enjoy a colorful fall stroll through Lockeland Springs after a stop at Frothy East.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a Featured Rotating Seasonal Latte and will only be available until December 1, 2023.

Featured Rotating Seasonal – Pumpkin Spice Latte!

These drinks will launch on October 5th 2023, so be sure to find your closest Frothy Monkey location to get your hands on them! 

Fall and Winter Food Menu at Frothy Monkey

To see Fall and Winter menu changes, check out our blog post highlighting all of the upcoming changes. We hope you enjoy!