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Dia de los Muertos limited edition 12South Blend available in store through 11/1!

Posted by on October 25, 2018

We have Dia de los Muertos goodies! For the next 2 weeks, your favorite 12South Blend will feature a limited edition Dia de los Muertos design! The blend will also feature our Mexico Sciobi for an extra festive twist. Available exclusively at any @frothymonkey location until November 2nd. Art by @nealrussler #dayofthedead #frothylove

12oz coffee ($14)
Dia pocket tee ($30)
Dia tote ($30)

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Hoff’s Wake Up Call feat. Frothy Monkey Cold Brew

Posted by on October 11, 2018

Hoff & Pepper is at it again, an this time we’re in on it! We put our heads together and Hoff created a Sriracha style sauce inspired by our Bloody Mary recipe called “Wake Up Call”.

Hoff’s Wake Up Call is a Sriracha style hot sauce packed with flavor and a kick of Frothy Monkey Cold Brew Coffee. The salty, sweet and savory sauce has something for everyone. It’s the not-so-secret ingredient in our bloody marys! Perfect all day, every day, on a Farm Breakfast, Architect Omelet, California, Blackhawk Farms Burger, Rolando, and more. Enjoy Wake Up Call at any Frothy Monkey location or take it home in a handy 12oz bottle.

10.18.18 Chattanooga Latte Art Throwdown

Posted by on October 8, 2018

Frothy Monkey Southside is hosting a Latte Art Throwdown on Thursday, October, 18, 2018!

Location: 1400 Market St. Chattanooga, TN 37402
6p Sign Up / 7p First Pour
Free to attend
$5 buy in

Cocktails + Beer + Food + Prizes

Thank you to our sponsors! Espresso Parts, La Marzocco, Chattanooga Brewing, Chattanooga Whiskey, Barista Magazine, + coffee, Velo Coffee Roasters



BAKERY Artisan bread loaves available for purchase at all Frothy locations!

Posted by on September 28, 2018

Your favorite bread from Frothy Monkey’s BAKERY is now available for purchase by the loaf at all Frothy Monkey locations! Our bread is baked daily at our BAKERY in Nashville, TN. We recommend calling ahead to check availability.


Rye bread artisan loaves – $9
Sourdough artisan loaves – $9
Multigrain pullman loaves – $8
Honey White pullman loaves – $8
Hamburger Buns – COMING SOON!
GF* bread loaves – $12
Baguette – $4

For large orders or wholesale inquiries, please contact the BAKERY directly by filling out this form or by sending an email to

*GF loaves are made with gluten free ingredients but not in a certified gluten free kitchen.

Fall / Winter 2018 Seasonal Drinks

Posted by on September 27, 2018

Fall + Winter seasonal coffeehouse drinks are here featuring flavors of maple + bourbon, vegan caramel, spiced syrups, and hints of ginger, mint and orange. Our updated cocktail menu is well balanced and with a spin on classics and original creations for brunch through dinner. Our talented and creative staff has blown us away with these tasty creations! In addition, the Havana Latte (created by Scott Perez @scotty_shmerder13) has been moved to our Signature drink menu!

Seasonal Coffeehouse Drinks

{Whisky Maple} steamed milk + espresso + house-made spiced whisky maple syrup + pink himalayan sea salt. Created by Elle Waters @ellewatersmusic

{Salted Coconut Caramel} steamed almond milk + espresso + house-made salted coconut cream caramel. Created by Dani Andrews @dania1997

{Queen of Spice} steamed milk + house-made Firepot tea + spice syrup. Created by Elizabeth Blachford @elizabeth.m.17

{Mint for Cold Weather} steamed milk + matcha + mocha + house-made orange + mint syrup. Created by Hunter Freemont @hunterfreemont

{The Bright Brook} espresso + house-made lemon + cinnamon + ginger + soda. Created by Brook Wolfe

Fall / Winter Cocktails

{fm bloody mary} Cathead vodka + Hoff’s wake up call sauce + olive + celery + house seasonal pickle + cracked pepper

{fire + ice} Cathead Pecan vodka + cream + nutmeg + cayenne + white chocolate. Created by Zoey Dodge @lovezoeyjane

{Irish coffee} Jameson Caskmates + FM coffee + brown sugar + unsweetened whipped cream

{sunset sangria} sparkling rose + Pamplemousse + pomegranate + sugar + blood orange + strawberry

{dragon fire hot toddy} bourbon + lemon + cayenne + ginger + mint + The Bee Guy Tennessee honey. Created by Alissa Linedemann @alissalinedemann

{meadorite} Aperol + Trazo Mead + Tequila or Mezcal + orange + star anise. Created by Julia Freemont @juliafreemont

{through the trees} Belle Meade Bourbon OR Chattanooga Whiskey 1816 reserve + lemon + maple + black walnut bitters + cinnamon + soda. Created by Ty Telgenhof @ttel31

{storm’s a’brewing} spiced rum + FM cold brew + cream + pineapple + nutmeg + brown simple syrup. Created by Hunter Freemont @hunterfreemont

{Mary MacGregor} Scotch + Cardamaro + luxardo + cardamom bitters + lemon. Created by Elizabeth Blachford @elizabeth.m.17

{Something with gin} Letherbee gin + Meletti + grapefruit bitters + Peychuad’s + soda. Created by Julia Freemont @juliafreemont



FMRC Current coffees

Posted by on August 10, 2018

We are proud to offer 12South Blend, which is our house blend used for both drip and espresso. This coffee is roasted here in Nashville and it’s name honors our original home in the 12South neighborhood. We also roast and serve Brunch Blend (our breakfast blend), Unwind {decaf}, and our Single Origin coffees. Bags are available for purchase online and at all of our locations! #frothymonkeyroastingco

12South Blend, is our signature espresso blend which also makes great drip coffee, is sweet throughout, with balanced acidity, smooth body, and a caramel chocolate finish.

Unlike coffee blends, Single Origin Coffee has a single geographic origin. This could be a single farm or a single country. For the majority of these coffees we will have a direct relationship with the farmer who grows it. Because coffee is a crop, harvesting is seasonal and the timing is specific to each region, our selection of single origin coffees will vary throughout the year.

To make it extra special, we commissioned local artist, Alicia Binkley of Monkey Ink Design to illustrate our Single Origin labels.

Current varieties (check our locations for availability):

Colombia Elcy Causaya

VARIETY: Caturra
ALTITUDE: 1700 m
PROCESSING: washed, sun dried
REGION: Monserrate, Huila
DESCRIPTION: This coffee is incredibly juicy with notes of nectarine, dried apricot, plum and brown sugar

El Salvador El Manzano Honey
ALTITUDE: 1300-1550 m
REGION: Santa Ana
DESCRIPTION: This is an insanely smooth, balanced coffee, with notes of caramel apples, figs, and cashews throughout. It’s acidity is subtly citrusy, just like a clementine, and it’s sweetness is like strawberry candy.

Bags are now available for purchase online and at all of our locations! #frothymonkeyroastingco


Vote for Frothy Monkey – Nashville Scene’s Best Coffeehouse

Posted by on August 2, 2018

Voting for the Nashville Scene’s Annual Best of Nashville issue is on! YOU voted us #1 coffeehouse in 2013 + 2014 + 2015 + 2017 AND Best Service in 2016 – Thank you!  Cast your vote HERE and stop by any Frothy Monkey Location to get your “I Voted” sticker.  You have until September 6th. You have to vote for at least 20 categories and we’ve got at least 10 that we qualify for!

Please consider us for the following categories:

Best Coffeehouse
Best Service

Best Breakfast
Best Bakery
Best Brunch
Best Restaurant
Best Family-Friendly Restaurant
Best Caterer

Best Patio
Best Restaurant in Williamson County
Best Local Twitter Account
Best Place To People Watch

Best Place To Take Out-of-Towners


Cast your vote HERE and stop by any Frothy Monkey Location to get your “I Voted” sticker.


LIMITED EDITION • Imbachi Single Origin Coffee

Posted by on June 4, 2018

Starting this week you can buy online or in your neighborhood Frothy Monkey a new limited edition single origin coffee that our roasters are so excited to share with you! Carlos, his wife Yolanda, and his son Dider Alberto cultivate 8 hectares of coffee at their farm near the town of San Agustin, in Huila, Colombia. Huila is in the southwest part of the country, along the Andean mountain range.

Carlos Imbachi Farm

His farming technique is amazing to see; Carlos, like many coffee farmers, is very focused on quality and ensuring the quality of the coffee makes it from the seed to the ship. The flavor notes we get from coffee in this region tend to be more on the tropical side of the spectrum, and this one is no different. Our production team tasted a lot of tangy, pineapple acidity, melon sweetness, with delicate floral top notes and a silky, black tea-like body. After all that flavor, there’s a comforting, molasses finish, and we know you’re going to love it!

Our green coffee buyer Tyler Zimmer writes:

The quality of coffee that comes out of Colombia never ceases to amaze me. Seems like every year I taste better and better coffee. Our next single origin release, Colombia Carlos Imbachi, is a reminder of how small of a world that we live in. During my first trip to Colombia in 2009, I was traveling around Huila with a group of Colombians doing work with small cooperatives in Colombia to help improve quality. They wanted us to check out the quality of small producers in the area. As we were walking farm to farm, meeting producers and seeing their farms, we came to the end of a dirt road to another producer by the name of Carlos Imbachi. I immediately recognized his name and then saw his plaque for 2009 SCAA coffee of the year. That year, his coffee placed first place for best coffee at the annual SCAA exposition. An incredible accomplishment and a random happenstance that we were able to meet him and visit his farm that day.
Carlos went on to win again with his quality coffee at SCAA in 2010, and over the years he just keeps getting better at his craft. Like Carlos, quality is one of our core values, and we are so excited to be able to offer you this limited edition Colombian delight so that you too can taste and see what deeply caring about your product looks like.
We recommend enjoying these beans brewed as a pour over {grab a Chemex + filters in our webstore with your Imbachi} and let us know what you think!
Imbachi Single Origin {$15} Online and in stores while supplies last.

Posted by on May 14, 2018

One of our core values is Relationships, and this value manifests itself in many ways. It’s evident in the way we support each other while embracing unity, fun, and inclusiveness as a staff and in how we’re present in and for our neighborhoods, empowering and serving the community however we can. You can also see it in the way that we cultivate relationships with local producers to bring quality ingredients to our menu and in the way we support local makers.

You may have noticed recently that a new mural has gone up at our 12South location, and this message from done by local artist Bill Caywood exemplifies precisely what we mean when we say relationships matter to us. While art is often open to interpretation, ‘nashville looks good on you’ is his way of telling the community that this mission is not about him; you are the artists, and you have the power to create!

PC: Bill Caywood

Bill moved to Nashville in 2003 and since then he has created a home for himself both in the city and in its vibrant creative community. He’s been coming to Frothy Monkey 12south weekly for about 15 years, and in his words, “it really feels like family now”. Says Bill,

“I was going to all of these things around town with other artists and creatives, and I started noticing that Frothy Monkey was always a part of them in some way. That and the fact that the 12south store is a home away from home for me started connecting the dots on how and Frothy Monkey are the perfect alignment. Our mission is to cultivate the creative community with the belief that by emphasizing “value over profit” we’re fostering a culture of togetherness which accelerates innovation exponentially, increasing our ability to thrive and grow as individuals and as a community. To break that down, it basically means that we think that by bringing creatives together on more than just “a project”, the osmosis from constantly being around forward-thinking people will keep your mind sharp, challenged, and driven. The goal is to share what we know and brainstorm together because if we surround ourselves with other dreamers (people who love to explore the possibilities) we can speed up the rate in which we produce world changing ideas. And solve problems.”

Here at Frothy Monkey we believe that relationships matter, and we are all about any way that we can join forces with others who are committed to changing our community for the better through creativity and unity. Like our friends at say, “it’s a mindset and belief that if you can view the world differently – you can be the one to change it”.

nash?? - nashville looks good on you

If you haven’t been yet, that spiffy new mural behind our 12south shop highlights the good vibes and unity we all know and love here in Nashville, and it’s just waiting on you to come by and say hello. We will also have some fun products {posters + hats + mugs, oh my!} available in the shop {12south location only} while supplies last, so stop by to grab some swag or strike a pose with the mural, then share it with us by using some of these tags {#nashvillelooksgoodonyou #nashvillemurals #nashtn #frothylove} and remind yourself that Nashville DOES look good on you, but also, you are what makes Nashville good.

photography: @shotbyrobbie & @bryanfayphoto
models: @laceycortez & @asheira


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