Seasonal Coffee Drinks Fall & Winter 2022

It feels like the summer absolutely flew by, but we’re ready for the temps to drop and take our favorite sweaters out of storage again. It’s time for fall and winter seasonal coffee drinks!

The familiar faces at your local Frothy Monkey are shaking up the drink menu with new flavors for fall and winter. Complete your sweater weather vibes with one of these tasty seasonal coffee creations.

Our Barista’s Seasonal Coffee Creations

Oreo flavored Latte

Milk’s Favorite Coffee

Creator: Jeff Duke (He/Him) Bar Lead, Franklin

Sweetened condensed milk, dark chocolate, vanilla, and activated charcoal sauce combined with espresso and milk

First up, we have Milk’s Favorite Coffee. Nothing disappears faster from the pantry than a pack of Oreo’s. Jeff Duke from our Downtown Franklin, TN cafe highlights the American cookie staple in the new seasonal latte, Milk’s Favorite Coffee. Jeff combined espresso and milk with a sauce featuring sweetened condensed milk, dark chocolate, vanilla, and activated charcoal. This drink has an incredible visual aesthetic and a legendary taste. Served hot or iced!

S’more Than a Feelin’

Creator: Dawson Bourdette (He/Him) Downtown Nashville
A spiced, honey graham cracker-like sauce with espresso and chocolate milk, with a toasted marshmallow.

Next, Get cozy campfire vibes with the S’more Than a Feeling Latte. Dawson Bourdette from Downtown Nashville brings the taste of melted chocolate, cinnamon graham crackers, and toasted marshmallow together for a sweet seasonal treat. While we love a warm mug in our hands during the chilly weather, you can also enjoy this latte iced!

S'more than a Feeling latte
Kunefe Latte

Künefe Latte [koo-ne-fe]

Creator: Jewel Thompson (She/Her) Downtown Nashville
Pistachio extract, rose water, and lemon juice syrup combine to make a beautiful latte inspired by the middle eastern cheese pastry, Künefe.

We are hooked on this latte from Jewel, who presented this latte at the Seasonal Drink Competition. Slightly salty and deliciously sweet, the Künefe Latte is a creative coffee take on the Turkish dessert of the same name. This latte features a pistachio, rose water and lemon juice syrup with espresso and milk.

Pom Espresso Tonic

Creator: Jeff Duke (He/Him) Bar Lead, Franklin
Lastly, we have an espresso tonic with pomegranate-orange blossom syrup and our Howler espresso.

Our espresso tonic lovers, don’t fret! The summer espresso tonic is gone, but the Pom Espresso Tonic is here. Another wonderful creation by Jeff Duke, the Pom Espresso Tonic is made with , pomegranate-orange blossom syrup, and topped with a fresh shot of espresso.

Espresso Tonic