Seasonal Coffee Drinks Spring & Summer 2023

Fresh flavors are here for Spring and Summer at Frothy Monkey! We’re excited to reveal three menu drinks and a rotating seasonal feature to our all-day cafes.

Curious how we create these awesome concoctions? Take a peek at our 2023 Spring and Summer Drink Competition blog to learn more about our biannual in-house competition.

Our New Seasonal Drinks

Summer Shirley

A chilled and refreshing soda with house made grenadine, orange blossom, lime and lavender.

By: Jeff from Downtown Franklin Frothy Monkey

Also available as a mocktail or cocktail!

Featuring the *NEW* Frothy Monkey Lavender Syrup!


Frothy Monkey cold brew coffee with blackberry syrup and a zesty lemon whipped cream float.

By: Ellio from Downtown Franklin Frothy Monkey

Salty Siren

Perfectly balanced espresso cortado mixed with vanilla, drizzled with house made caramel and topped with sea salt.

By: Luna & Alexa from Frothy Monkey in The Nations

New Rotating Seasonal Drink

Created by our barista trainer, Suzy, this delicious “Lavender Haze” latte is our first rotating seasonal latte on our menu. This new menu listing will be a variable menu item that will change periodically to keep things fun and fresh on the menu through the Spring and Summer or Winter and Fall.

Lavender Haze

A fruity, floral latte with deep flavors of mascarpone, pear and lavender.

Featuring the *NEW* Frothy Monkey Lavender Syrup!

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