How to Brew French Press Coffee

How to Brew French Press Coffee


This brewing method hasn’t changed much since it was invented by Ugo Paolini and patented by Italian designers Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta in 1929. It is an easy brew method for making multiple cups of coffee in 4 minutes.

Brew characteristics: Full body, rich flavor, long aftertaste.

What you will need:

  • 8-cup French press maker
  • Grinder (ground coarsely; like bread crumbs)
  • 49 grams of freshly roasted coffee
  • 735 grams of 205°F hot water
  • Spoon
  • Scale
  • Timer

Frothy Monkey French Press Standards

Dose = 49g coffee
Water weight = 735g
Brew time (total time) = 4 min
Coffee to water ratio = 1:17
Grind = Coarse 

Step By Step French Press Preparation

STEP 1 • Weigh out ~49 g of your favorite coffee and grind about the size of coarse sea salt.

STEP 2 • Preheat your French Press by adding hot water for a minute. This will help maintain a stable temperature throughout your brew and keep the coffee warm longer. Empty the water.

STEP 3 • Add the coffee to the French Press.

STEP 4 • Set your timer for 4 minutes, and start it as soon as you add water to your coffee. Pour all the water over the coffee while making sure to get all the grounds wet.

STEP 5 • Use a spoon to push the grounds below the surface.

STEP 6 • When all the water is added, put the top on and slightly push the plunger down until the coffee is submerged.

STEP 7 •When the time is up, take the top off and use a spoon to scoop off the top layer of coffee grounds.

STEP 9 • Put the top back on, press the filter down, and it’s done!

STEP 10 • Pour the coffee over to a carafe or straight into your mug. This will ensure that your coffee is not getting over-extracted.

STEP 11 • Pour and enjoy!

Frothy Monkey