Drink Recipe: The Monkey Mocha

Join our coffee education connoisseur, Ryan Bledsoe as he shows us how to make a Frothy Monkey signature latte, the Monkey Mocha. We combine our Frothy Monkey Banana Syrup with house-made chocolate sauce and Howler espresso blend coffee to create a drink we’ve been making for 18 years. This may be THE OG Frothy Monkey latte.

What you need to make a Monkey Mocha

Step By Step Monkey Mocha Drink Build

Step 1 – Measure Syrups

Begin by adding 10 ml of Frothy Monkey Banana Syrup and 10ml Chocolate Sauce to a measured shot glass.

Step 2 – Grind Espresso and Pull Shot

Next, dose 20g of finely ground Howler espresso blend coffee into your portafilter. Tamp, and place portafilter into group head. Make sure to place the measured shot glass with syrups beneath the portafilter, and begin pulling your shot.

Step 3 – Steam Milk, and Add Espresso to Mug

Pour 6 oz of whole milk or milk alternative into your milk pitcher. Steam milk until temperature reaches 135°F to 145°F. Then, stir your espresso to make sure the syrups have been fully infused with your coffee, and pour the shot into an 8 oz latte mug.

Step 5 – Pour Milk, and Create Latte Art

Before pouring, give your milk a stir to incorporate the foam into the rest of the milk. Start your pour a few inches above your mug to ensure the foam dives beneath the espresso crema layer. When your mug is about 80% full, begin creating your latte art.

Step 7 – Enjoy!

Sit back and marvel at the beautiful and delicious latte you’ve just made.

Watch Our Step By Step Video