Frothy 2021 Gift Guide

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Frothy 2021 Gift Guide

Posted by on November 22, 2021

We all have that person in our lives who just stumps us for what gifts to give them. Whether you have been to one of our cafes in Nashville, Franklin, or Chattanooga TN, and are feeling nostalgic, or if you are a local who we see every day, Frothy Monkey has some of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

Locally Roasted Coffee…

Something cozy to wear…

Something beautiful to hold your coffee, tea, or water…

A coffee subscription for that caffeine fix that keeps on giving…

We even have brewing supplies for both hot and cold brew methods.

Or maybe you have a bread lover on your hands…

Give the gift of a Bread CSA with 12 or 26-week options featuring bread baked in Nashville daily and pick up at Frothy Monkey in East Nashville.

Sometimes an experience is the best gift…

Purchase an e-gift card to be used for Wine Down Wednesday, brunch until 5 pm any day, dinner after 4 pm, or a pint of a local craft beer. Giving the gift of bacon has never been easier 😉

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: A Toy Drive Story

Posted by on November 22, 2021

As we kick off the holiday season with annual toy drives in Nashville, Franklin, and Chattanooga, we wanted to take a minute to tell the story behind the two organizations that are behind it all.

But first, here is how you can participate.

  1. Next time to head to Frothy, consider bringing a new, unwrapped toy!
  2. Bring a new, unwrapped toy to the Moon Taxi concert series at Brooklyn Bowl on 12/17 and 12/18.
  3. Financial Donations can be made online
    Metro Nashville Police Department Christmas Charity Baskets
    Forgotten Child Fund- Chattanooga
Learn about all of the Frothy Cheer we have planned for 2021 here!

A Toy Drive Story

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Tennessee
The Annual Toy Drive wrapped up at Frothy Monkey. 
Neighbors placed new toys in our donation boxes with care
In hopes that children would receive a bike or teddy bear
All our boxes were overflowing and stacked by the door
Our Frothy Community delivered! We couldn’t fit anymore.

Proud to be part of a neighborhood that gives so much of itself
We couldn’t wait to hand them off to MNPD Chief Elf
An officer nominates a family each year, that is where our toys go
Those selected have the greatest need, whose circumstances are lower than low.

On Christmas Eve in 1961, two officers in different cities had the same idea.

In Nashville, then Sgt. Joe Casey asked fellow officers to give up gifts. He suggested instead of exchanging gifts that night, they pool the gifts and money together to help a family.

The average officer in 1961 made around $240 per month. Today, that would be around $700. This is money that would be missed.

His fellow officers agreed, and they knew a family in town with nine children where there was a great need.

Former Chief Joe Casey
MNPD delivering Baskets.

In Chattanooga, Officer Johnny Wright and his partner were responding to a call when they came across two children who were given an apple and an orange for Christmas.

Despite bringing an overwhelming amount of food and toys to both of those families 60 years ago, both men understood it needed to be a beginning.

“Each of our recipients is nominated by a police officer, school resource officer, domestic violence counselor: somebody who knows that they are in need.”

Captain Harmon Hunsicker, MNPD

Christmas Charity Basket Program

In the spirit of Former Chief Joe Casey, MNPD Christmas Charity Basket Program asks their officers to nominate families they know are in need and would benefit most. Four Baskets of food and toys are delivered to nominated families and the elderly on Christmas Eve by MNPD officers. They are so intentional, each box has a number because each box is customized to fit each family’s specific needs. That thoughtfulness is what we look for in our Community Partners.

Forgotten Child Fund

Chattanooga’s Officer Johnny Wright’s legacy has become The Forgotten Child Foundation. Families fill out applications each year to be considered, and all approved families will receive a box of toys.
During the approval process, volunteers put aside applications they think deserve to be one of the 10 families are selected. They not only receive toys and food on Christmas Eve but the items are also delivered by over a mile-long “Santa Parade” of first responder vehicles. As seen in the video, they light up the entire city.

Behind the scenes look at the Forgotten Child Fund

Last year’s toy drive being canceled left many incredibly blue
This year, let’s fill up Santa’s sleigh together with ALL a neighborhood can do
Now 12 South! Now Chattanooga! Now Franklin! 
On East! On Downtown Nashville! On the Nations!
In a time that can be dark, thank you for being a light

Frothy Cheer to all, and to all
a good Toy Drive! 

We STILL Need Your Help!

  1. The next time to head to your Frothy Monkey, consider bringing a new, unwrapped toy! We have HUGE, festive boxes that are difficult to miss.
  2. Bring a new, unwrapped toy to the Moon Taxi concert series at Brooklyn Bowl on 12/17 and 12/18.
  3. Financial Donations can be made online
    Metro Nashville Police Department Christmas Charity Baskets
    Forgotten Child Fund- Chattanooga

Frothy Cheer for the Holidays!

Posted by on November 19, 2021

We remain humbled and grateful to celebrate this season with the neighborhoods and families we serve.
We would not be here without YOU!!

Donate Toys this Holiday Season at Frothy Monkey!

To us, “gratitude” is a verb. We believe in showing our appreciation through action. This season we partnered up with other local businesses, friends, and nonprofits to create options within our communities on how to tangibly give back.

In true 2020 fashion, last year’s toy drive was cancelled. This year the drive is on, and the need has never been so great. That’s where you come in! Help us create some childhood magic this season by bringing a new, unwrapped toy the next time you stop by. We have boxes that are big enough to fit a person (see above.) They are waiting to be filled at all 6 of our locations.

The last day of the Toy Drive is December 19th! 

Toys will be donated and distributed by Metro Police Christmas Charity Basket Program in Nashville and The Forgotten Child Foundation in Chattanooga.

Lightning 100 Concert +Toy Drive 

Share the magic of the Holidays with Moon Taxi, Brooklyn Bowl + Lightning 100 for Lightning 100’s holiday toy drive benefiting the Metro Police Christmas Charities Basket Program.

Each year Metro Nashville Police officers nominate families that are in financial distress or have recently experienced a traumatic event.

Want to help fill the baskets? Get a new, unwrapped toy and drop it off at any of the Frothy Monkey locations. OR you can make a monetary donation.

We will also be accepting new, unwrapped toys at the Lightning 100 presents Moon Taxi shows at Brooklyn Bowl on 12/17 & 12/18.

Frothy Bakery Holiday 2021 Deserts 

Pre-Order Deadline is December 18th

12p CST

Bring home nostalgia in a box this year from Frothy Monkey Bakery. Pre-Order deadline is December 18th at 12PM CST.

Shop Early!

Regular Hours
12South 7a – 8p
Nations, Chattanooga 7a – 9p
Downtown Nashville 7a – 3p
East Nashville + Franklin/ Sun – Tue 7a – 3p / Wed – Sat 7a-3p

Holiday Hours
Thanksgiving Eve & Thanksgiving Day Closed
Black Friday Open at 8a
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Closed
December 26th Brunch 8a-3p
New Years Eve 7a-3p / New Years Day Brunch 8a-3p

Introducing ‘Winter Triangle’ a Blackberry Farm Brewery collaboration beer featuring Frothy Monkey Coffee

Posted by on November 11, 2021

Winter Triangle is a collaboration coffee stout between Blackberry Farm Brewery (Maryville, TN) and Frothy Monkey Roasting Co (Nashville, TN)


The Blackberry Farm Brewery (BFB) team combined our two favorite beverages, coffee, and beer, for a dark brew that is perfect for winter. The BFB team tasted a dozen different Frothy Monkey coffees to find the perfect blend for this toasty, seasonal stout. They chose a variety that enhances the beer with pleasantly nutty and light chocolate flavor, finished with a citrus note for brightness and soft fruit undertones to round out the palate.


Winter Triangle is now available at select East and Middle Tennessee Kroger stores, Blackberry Farm Brewery, and on draft at Frothy Monkey cafes.

Beyond the comforting stout and coffee-inspired notes that you will enjoy with a sip of Winter Triangle, the flavor story of this beer finishes with a citrus note for brightness and a soft hint of fruit to round out the palate. Winter Triangle is a delicious ode to the comfort of a great cup of coffee, the smoothness of a great stout and the collaboration of three beloved brands.

With the creation of Winter Triangle, the BFB team combined two of their favorite beverages – coffee and beer – with help from their friends at the beloved specialty coffee roaster, Frothy Monkey. This project was not only an exciting opportunity for BFB to partner with Frothy Monkey, it was also a chance to pay homage to the history of Kroger grocery stores. 

Bernard Kroger started out selling coffee and tea door-to-door. In 1883, he used his life’s savings of $372 to start The Great Western Tea & Coffee Co., which would eventually become Kroger Grocery & Baking Co. The storied history and growth of Bernard’s business aligns with the Frothy Monkey and BFB stories – all beginning as small teams of passionate beverage professionals and growing in their industry through hard work and undeniable quality. 

The BFB team sampled a dozen different coffees from Frothy Monkey to choose the perfect blend to create a seasonal stout for winter. Starting with dry aromatics, then the actual cupping process which involved aroma and flavor profile sampling, they were able to narrow down the coffee that would fit best with the beer. 

They didn’t want something that was too light and fruity and could potentially get lost in an already roasty beer like a stout. They also didn’t want something too dark and heavy that would add too much bitterness to the recipe. In the end, the team selected a riff on the Frothy Monkey Brunch Blend, a variety that added a pleasant nutty, light chocolate, and caramel flavor to the beer. 

The name, Winter Triangle, was inspired by the stars. In astrology, the winter triangle is a shape formed from three of the brightest stars in the winter sky. It is an imaginary equilateral triangle made of the primary stars in three constellations: Canis Major, Orion, and Canis Minor. Like those three stars, this beer brings together three beloved companies, collaborating to create one distinct product.

The label artist, Greer Miceli of Blackberry Farm, used the stars as her inspiration for the art. “The winter triangle constellation is only visible in the northern hemisphere during our winter, so it seemed like the perfect visual to accompany a wintery stout. Orion holding a coffee cup was a fun addition to tie in Frothy Monkey,” says Greer. 

“I loved the idea of including the Aurora somewhere, and it all came together with the steam from the coffee cup. There are also two Kroger “K” easter eggs hidden in the design. I wanted this design to feel cozy but also give you a little bit of a chill, just like winter. The drama of the night sky filled with stars, Greek hunters, and natural phenomena relates to the deep and rich flavors of the coffee stout. My favorite part, though, is that Orion’s pinky is out while he’s drinking.” 

Beyond the comforting stout and coffee-inspired notes that you will enjoy with a sip of Winter Triangle, the flavor story of this beer finishes with a citrus note for brightness and a soft hint of fruit to round out the palate. Winter Triangle is a delicious ode to the comfort of a great cup of coffee, the smoothness of a great stout and the collaboration of three beloved brands. 

Stay tuned for an opportunity to win a BFB / Frothy prize pack!  Follow us at @frothymonkey and @blackberryfarmbrewery.

Gratitude Blend Coffee

Posted by on November 10, 2021

We love this time of year: getting to say “thanks” and showing appreciation is always rewarding, and we couldn’t be more excited to let everyone know just how much we value our staff, our Nashville customers, and coffee drinkers everywhere. In this season of humble reflection and indulgent delectables, we’ve developed a limited edition coffee blend to help celebrate those people we’re thankful for, and to share with them a delicious holiday treat. 

“Gratitude” was blended using two very different (but exceedingly complementary) coffees: a smooth, nutty Mexico and a bold, fruity Natural Ethiopia. The result is a sweet, confectionary-like cup, with deep notes of cherry glaze and spiced chocolate. It conjures memories of Werther’s Original candies and finishes with the creamy body of almond butter. This Thanksgiving blend is a wonderfully cozy experience you’ll want to share with the coffee lovers who matter most in your world.

The bags themselves are designed with giving in mind: we’ll happily hand-write your recipient’s name on their bag of coffee before we ship it out, just to let them know how much they mean to you. We really just want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all of you, and we want to help you to pass that same sentiment along to your nearest & dearest. 

Purchase a bag for your own holiday celebration or as a gift for someone you cherish. Bags of whole bean coffee are available in-store and online for $16. If you purchase online, drop us a note and we’ll handwrite who you are grateful for on the package before shipping (but please, keep it short, because space on the bag is limited)! Thanks, everyone; we truly appreciate you! Cheers!

El Salvador Bernardina: Roaster Series Coffee

Posted by on November 1, 2021

Coffee is a drink of discovery, and any specialty coffee lover can likely recall more than one moment of revelation in their coffee-drinking journeys, something that sparked a desire to discover more. With Frothy Monkey’s newest Roaster Series release, we’re extending you a special invitation to join in the continuing discovery with us!

Bernardina, this newly discovered coffee species, was first identified in 2008, when Los Bellotos farm manager Ruperto Bernardino Merche noticed some curious coffee cherries on their farm. Somehow, five unidentified coffee trees made it from Agaro, Ethiopia to El Salvador in the 1930’s, and they survived undiscovered until Ruperto realized that these fruits were exquisitely fragrant and sweet. Maria Pacas and the crew at Café Pacas named this new varietal “Bernardina”, after the man who had been saying for so long that these five trees were special. In the years since, they’ve propagated more of these truly unique plants so that we can provide the Nashville coffee community and the rest of the world with this exceptional coffee experience.

After genetic analysis, it was discovered that Bernardina is related to both Geisha and Ethiopian Agaro, and has proven itself a hardy variety with some promising resistance to coffee leaf rust, which devastated El Salvador’s crops in 2013. This new variety is still being explored more fully, with trees being planted in a variety of microclimates and varying elevation bands, to better understand its potential. That same potential is already being realized, however, as this coffee placed third in the 2019 El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition.

We were lucky enough to first taste the Bernardina variety in early 2020, and we knew immediately that we had to have it, and committed to taking 1 bag from Café Pacas. We made the same deal for this year’s stunning crop of Bernardina. You’ll notice intense florals and sweet confections in the cup, and you’ll probably find this is one of the most delicate, soothing coffee experiences you’ve ever had. We are absolutely thrilled to once again share this uniquely delicious coffee with you; this is the culmination of our years of coffee roasting expertise, our honored partnerships abroad, and our passion for sourcing and developing beautiful coffees for our customers.

Head Roaster, Daniel Lopez talks about El Salvador Bernardina

Available now for presale, the third volume of our Roaster Series is this remarkable El Salvador Bernardina. Our supply is extremely limited, and it’ll sell out fast, so don’t miss your chance to enjoy one this one-of-a-kind coffee! This coffee was sourced and roasted by our Head Roaster, Daniel Lopez. Check out our Roaster Series page to learn more about this project!

Pre-Order Halloween Decorated Sugar Cookies

Posted by on October 20, 2021

Spooky Season is upon us, and we’re baking up treats (and maybe some tricks) to help you celebrate the season!

You can pre-order cookies at!

Designs include Party Ghost, Frankenstein Bubble Gum, Hipster Mummy, Boss Witch, and Friend Squad.

Cookies are $4 each or grab the whole Squad for $20.

Pre-order by Tuesday, October 26th at Midnight for pickup at our Bakery on Friday, 10/29 or Saturday, 10/30.

For large or custom orders, or for orders wished to be picked up before this date please email with your request and we’ll take it from there!

Kenya Gachiru Nyeri AB Coffee

Posted by on October 14, 2021

Juicy and easy-drinking, this fully washed coffee is produced by James Gakuru Ngobia at his farm, Gachiru Estate. James cultivates an interesting mix of traditional SL28 & the newer Batian cultivar, resulting in a smooth, citrusy cup.

At 4 hectares, Gachuru is categorized as a ‘small estate’ in Kenya. Traditionally, many farmers of this size in the country did not operate their own processing equipment. They have historically delivered cherries to a centralized cooperative-owned ‘Factory’ (as washing stations are called, locally), where their production is combined with that of others from their region. James, however, operates a small wet-mill and processes his own coffee, ensuring full traceability back to the farm.

Nyeri County is one Kenya’s most famous growing regions. The name Nyeri is derived from the Masaai word nyiro, meaning red, after the red volcanic soil in the area. The name was adapted by white settler farmers to Nyeri. Most farmers in the area today grow tea and coffee as cash crops. Nyeri County has rich soil and a temperate climate, making it perfect for coffee farming. Much of the coffee here is cultivated in the foothills of the Aberdare Mountains, which have warm days and cool nights and a plentiful water supply.

Kenyan coffees are classified by size. AB beans are those that are between screen size 15 and 18, meaning that beans are between 6 and 7 millimeters in size. We get crisp notes of white grape and lemon, balanced with rich black tea notes and just a touch of the warming spiciness of clove. It’s a coffee that we’re glad to have around just as the weather’s getting cooler in Nashville, and we think you’ll also appreciate how comforting it is, wherever you are.

Our new fall menu

Posted by on October 4, 2021

We are so grateful for you and your support, particularly over the past year and a half. You showed up through it all and we can’t thank you enough. Climbing out of the pandemic has been and still is the biggest challenge we’ve tackled, and we’ve learned that taking care of each other is *the* most important thing. 

This time of adjusting, pivoting, and readjusting has given us a reason to reflect on who Frothy is and how we will grow in the years to come. We have added table service to the Frothy experience as well as online ordering and more outside seating. And we recently announced that we will be opening in Birmingham and Knoxville in the coming year and we are so humbled and excited that we have the opportunity to grow! 

Starting today we are making some changes to our menu in an effort to create less waste in our kitchens and with the goal of delivering you delicious food with less wait. We’ll be shaking things up a bit by saying goodbye to some long-time favorites, but you will also find some delicious new additions to the menu such as Brioche French Toast, Purple Potato Hash featuring Porter Road Butcher Andouille sausage, a couple of new omelettes, and Avocado Toast. We have also added more local and regional farms and purveyors because when you know where your ingredients come from you can taste the difference.

Change can be both hard and exciting and we are looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing your feedback. Welcome to Frothy! View the menu here.

~Our Farms & Purveyors~

KY Farm Fresh, Herndon, KY
Broadbent, Kuttawa, KY
TN Grassfed Farm, Clarksville, TN
Georgia Grinders, Atlanta, GA 
Johnson Farm, Goodlettsville, TN
Brundage Farms, Tiffin, OH
Porter Road Butcher, Nashville, TN
Hatcher Dairy Farm, College Grove, TN
Hoff & Pepper, Chattanooga, TN
Nicoletto’s Pasta Co, Nashville, TN
Firepot Nomadic Teas
High Garden, Joelton, TN
Jackalope Brewing Co, Nashville, TN
Blackberry Farm Brewery, TN

All of the artisan bread, bagels and pastries on our menu are baked in-house from scratch at our bakery in Nashville, TN.

Frothy Monkey