Kalita Wave Iced Coffee Brewing Guide


The Kalita Wave, from Japanese company Kalita, is a great dripper for both coffee professionals and beginners. Its flat bottom with three extraction holes allows for a very even brew. The wavy filter and design of the dripper allow for less contact between the filter and the dripper meaning that the coffee can quickly drip through before bitter flavors develop. By altering our coffee-to-water ratio and extracting a more concentrated brew directly over ice we are able to produce a delicious, balanced iced coffee version of this classic brew method.

What you need for this brew

Frothy Monkey Iced Kalita Wave Standards

  • Dose = 33 g
  • Bloom = 65-70 g water for 40 seconds
  • Final water weight = 300 g
  • Pour time = 2 min
  • Brew time (total time) = 2:30 – 3:00 min
  • Coffee to water ratio = 1:15
  • Grind = Medium – Fine. The grind should be finer than drip brewer.

Step by Step Iced Kalita Wave Preparation

STEP 1 • Weigh out ~33 g of your favorite coffee and grind to a size slightly coarser than table salt.

STEP 2 • Heat Kalita Wave, filter and server by pouring hot water in the center of the filter; this will also help reduce the flavor impacted by the paper. Pour hot water out of both the server and the Kalita Wave.

STEP 3 • Weigh out ~200 g of ice and add it to your glass server.

STEP 3 • Place Kalita Wave and brewing server with ice on scale and tare. Add exactly 33 g of freshly ground coffee to the filter and level out. Tare scale again. 

STEP 4 • Start timer and pour 70 g of hot water over the coffee, ensuring all grounds are wet. Allow the coffee to sit till the timer reaches 30 seconds before adding more water; we call this the ‘the bloom’ or ‘de-gassing’ and it is when the coffee is releasing gasses trapped in the cells. This helps to prepare the brew.

STEP 5 • At 40 seconds pour ~130 g of water, pouring in uniform swirls starting in the middle of the coffee bed and working your way out towards the filter.

STEP 6 • Continue to pour ~50 g of water in spirals about every 15 seconds until 300 g is reached. Try to finish pouring by 2 minutes.

STEP 7 • Allow the coffee to continue to drip until you have a slow drip (this should happen at 2:30 – 3 minutes). You should be left with a nice, flat bed of coffee in your filter.

STEP 8 • Remove filter, grounds, and dripper. Swirl your server and allow the ice to fully melt before pouring over fresh ice. Enjoy!

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