Iced Kalita Wave Brewing Guide


What you need for this brew

Kalita Wave, Kalita Filter, Kalita Glass Server

Frothy Monkey Iced Kalita Standards

  • Dose = 33 grams
  • Bloom = 65-70 grams for 40 seconds
  • Ice weight = 200 grams
  • Final water weight = 300 grams
  • Pour time = 2:00 minutes
  • Brew time (total time) = 2:30-3:00 minutes
  • Coffee to water ratio = 1:15
  • Grind = Medium – fine. The grind should be finer than for a drip brewer.

Step by Step Iced Kalita Preparation

STEP 1 • Pour some hot water in the center of the paper filter/dripper over a sink and not into the brewing vessel. Let it completely drain.

STEP 2 • Weigh out 33 grams of your favorite coffee and grind slightly coarser than table salt. Place in the filter and shake the dripper to level the coffee grounds.

STEP 3 • Place the brewing vessel on the scale and add 200 grams of ice. Place the filter/dripper on top.

STEP 4 • Start the timer and slowly pour 65-70 grams of hot water over the coffee, ensuring all grounds are wet. Allow the coffee to sit till the timer reaches 40 seconds before adding more water; we call this the ‘the bloom’ or ‘de-gassing’ and it is when the coffee is releasing gasses trapped in the cells. This helps to prepare the brew.

STEP 5 • After 40 seconds, continue to pour water in uniform swirls starting in the middle of the coffee bed and working your way out towards the filter. Pour until you reach 300 grams. Try to finish pouring by 2 minutes.

STEP 6 • Allow the coffee to continue to drip until you have a slow drip (this should happen at 2:30-3:00 minutes). You should have a nice flat bed of coffee in your filter.

STEP 7 • Remove filter/dripper. Allow all the ice to melt before you serve over fresh ice. Pour and Enjoy!