12South Single-Serve Coffee

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Single-Serve Coffee is the newest addition to Frothy Monkey Roasting Co’s line of specialty coffee products. This line is designed for your daily routine, no matter where life takes you. Whether you are on a road trip, camping, at a hotel, or simply jonesing for a good cup, all you’ll need is hot water and 5 minutes to brew. Instant coffee convenience with the quality and taste you love from fresh brewed Frothy Monkey coffee.

Pour, Dunk, and Steep!


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  • Medium Roast


  • Plush


  • Low & Sweet

Flavor Profile

  • Chocolate
  • Hazelnuts
  • Red Apples


12South coffee is roasted to be a versatile crowd pleaser, an exceptional coffee no matter what brew method is used. 12South is our most popular coffee, and we’re so proud to say it tastes great as a regular cup of coffee or espresso in your cappuccino or even as a cold brew. The blend is medium roasted, with a plush body, low acidity, and plenty of sweetness. We taste chocolate, hazelnuts, and red apples.

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