Single-Serve Coffee Sampler

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Instant coffee convenience with the quality and taste you love from fresh brewed Frothy Monkey coffee.

Mixed Variety Sample Box includes 4 bags of 12South, 3 bags of Brute, and 3 bags of Midshift.

Pour, Dunk, and Steep!

1.) Place coffee bag in cup and gradually add 8oz of hot water.

2.) Dunk the coffee bag for 15-30 seconds or longer for added strength.

3.) Leave coffee bag in cup for 5 minutes or until preferred taste is achieve

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12South: Roasted to be a versatile crowd pleaser, an exceptional coffee no matter what brew method is used. 12South is our most popular coffee, and we’re so proud to say it tastes great as a regular cup of coffee or espresso in your cappuccino or even as cold brew. The blend is medium roasted, with a plush body, low acidity and plenty of sweetness. We taste chocolate, hazelnuts and red apples.

Brute: For our lovers of darker, more full-bodied roasts, Brute features notes of dark chocolate, burnt sugar, and macadamia nuts. Creamy and robust, with a minimal amount of acidity, this coffee is a bold, smooth beast, best to jump-start your day. We love how it tastes on regular old auto drip brewers, which is perfect for bleary-eyed mornings.

Midshift: We use a Swiss Water process South American decaf, blended with a bright and citrusy washed Ethiopia, making Midshift a balanced, clean coffee. We taste a lot of marshmallow and cocoa powder, with top notes of sweet tangerine and a graham cracker finish, which gives it a “s’mores and orange” flavor profile. We like it in a Chemex or a Kalita, but Midshift is great no matter how you brew it.

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