Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Frothy Monkey Roasting Company began roasting our own coffee in the summer of 2014. Our coffee is roasted locally in Nashville, TN and can be found at one of our 6 locations as well as some of our favorite places. We source specialty coffees from all over the world and are proud to have direct relationships with many of the farmers and their communities.

12 South Blend

Our signature blend is named for Frothy Monkey’s first coffee house, located on 12th Avenue South here in Nashville, TN. This coffee is roasted to be a versatile crowd pleaser, to be an exceptional coffee, no matter what brew method is used. 12 South is our most popular blend, and we’re so proud to say it tastes great as a regular cup of coffee or espresso in your cappuccino or even as cold brew. The blend is medium roasted, with a plush body, low acidity and plenty of sweetness. We taste chocolate, hazelnuts and red apples.

Unwind Blend (Decaf) 

When you just need to relax and unwind with great tasting coffee. Our decaf offering is sourced and decaffeinated by our friends at Swiss Water, who use a 100% chemical-free-process to remove caffeine from the raw, green coffee. We then roast it to order, typically roasting decaf a bit darker than our other coffees, in order to accentuate the deep, sweet notes inherent in the coffee. This is a coffee you can use for batch brew and/or espresso. We taste chocolate, toffee, molasses and baking spice.

French Roast

For our lovers of darker, more full-bodied roasts, French features notes of dark chocolate and macadamia nuts. Creamy and robust, with a minimal amount of acidity, this is a coffee to jump-start your mornings.

Brunch Blend

Brunch is our take on a traditional “breakfast blend”. It’s a vibrant, juicy blend of a washed Ethiopia coffee, accompanied with other coffee components from Central America. We roast Brunch a bit lighter, to showcase it’s lively crispness, medium citrus acidity, and delicate body. This is a coffee that you will want to drink all day, every day. We taste tropical fruits and sweet oranges, almonds, and a pleasantly sweet tea-like aftertaste.

Single Origin Coffees

We source a variety of exceptional shifting single-region coffees from our partners all over the world. These coffees are seasonal, and available at different times throughout the year, depending on harvesting periods. Specially selected for superior quality, our Single Origin coffees are each roasted to accentuate the complex, inherit flavors within the coffee beans themselves, whether they’re naturally fruity, floral, nutty, bright, earthy or sweet. No matter what time of year, there’s an exciting Single Origin coffee available for passionate coffee lovers.

Cold Brew Blend

A smooth, crisp blend of Guatemala & Ethiopia coffees designed with cold brewing in mind, but versatile enough for any brew method. Refreshing and bright, with a creamy, balanced body. We taste notes of Bartlett pear, milk chocolate, and hazelnut.

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