Drink Recipe: Frothy Icy Irish Coffee

We love a good ol’ fashioned hot Irish coffee, but sometimes you’re craving the cold. We recommend swapping hot coffee for cold brew to hit all the right places on a warm weather day.

What you need to make a Frothy Icy Irish Coffee

Step By Step Frothy Icy Irish Coffee

Step 1 – Making unsweetened whipped cream

Begin by adding heavy whipping cream to a mixing bowl. Use a stand mixer, hand mixer, or hand whisk at medium-high speed until stiff peaks are formed. Alternatively, canned unsweetened whipped cream will work just fine. We prefer unsweetened because we’ll get plenty of sweetness from the simple syrup added later.

Step 2 – Dose 4oz of Frothy Cold Brew Coffee

Next, dose 4 fl oz of Frothy Cold Brew Coffee, and add it to your bar shaker. We’re using canned cold brew here, but draft or homemade cold brew using our Cold Brew Blend tastes great!

Step 3 – Dose 1.5 oz of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Next, dose 1.5 fl oz of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and add it to your bar shaker.

Step 4 – Dose 1/2 oz of Frothy Monkey Simple Syrup

Lastly, dose 1/2 fl oz of Frothy Monkey Simple Syrup, and add it to your bar shaker.

Step 5 – Add ice and shake for 10-15 seconds

Step 6 – Strain into a rocks glass with ice

Step 7 – Top with whipped cream and cocoa powder

Leave enough room in the glass to top with a layer of unsweetened whipped cream and dust with cocoa powder.

Step 8 – Enjoy Your Icy Irish Coffee

Alternatively, if you don’t have the required ingredients we’d be happy to make you one at any of our Frothy Monkey Cafes!