Breakfast Sides

Toast (2 slices) $3 (GF available)
Balsamic tossed greens $2
Smoked Gouda grits $4
Biscuit $3
KY Farm Fresh eggs* $3
Egg whites $3
Cup of fruit $5
Broadbent bacon $4
Pork breakfast sausage $4
Stewed black beans $4
BE Hive vegan breakfast sausage $5


Cup of soup served with sourdough $4.50
Chips & house-made salsa $2.50 / $6
Cup of fruit $4
Stewed black beans $4
Small bungalow salad $5
Smoked Gouda grits $4

salad additions

Grilled chicken $6
Chicken salad $6
House-made pimento cheese $3
Balsamic roasted portabella $3
Mediterranean quinoa $4
Salmon* $9
Shrimp* $9 (after 4p)


orange or grapefruit by the glass or carafe


Sandwich with KY Farm Fresh eggs*, mozzarella cheese, slice of tomato, and basil pesto on a grilled bun $10 {+ slice of Broadbent bacon $2}


Sandwich with natural peanut butter and strawberry jam. Served with chips & orange wedges $6

Kids French Toast

One slice of vanilla-cinnamon brioche French toast with powdered sugar and maple syrup $7


Available at our 12South location

Irish Coffee

Iced or hot. Jameson caskmates, Frothy Monkey coffee, brown sugar & unsweetened whipped cream*

FM Bloody Mary

Cathead vodka and Hoff’s Wake Up Call Sauce feat. Frothy Cold Brew, olive, house-pickled okra & cracked pepper

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